Lantern Tour of Stones River National Cemetery

Jun 7 - Aug 30, 2014

Park rangers lead hour-long walking tours of the cemetery, while soldiers and civilians share stories through letters written during the conflict. Saturdays of alternate weeks during June, July and August.

Join a park ranger for an hour-long walking tour of the cemetery by lantern light. Visitors will be able to appreciate the human stories within the cemetery, shared through letters from soldiers and civilians, written during the conflict.

Dates for tours are as follows, with reservation dates in parentheses.

June 7 (June 2)

June 21 (June 16)

July 5 (June 30)

July 19 (July 14)

August 2 (July 28)

August 16 (August 11)

August 30 (August 25)

Reservations are required. Call 615-893-9501, starting the Monday before each event. Limit of four tickets per caller, not transferrable to another date.