150th Anniversary of the Battle of Stones River - December 30, 2012

December 30, 2012
Event By: Stones River National Battlefield Address: 3501 Old Nashville Highway Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Email: stri_information@nps.gov Phone: (615) 893-9501
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9 AM - The Approaching Thunder - Join a ranger for a talk that focuses on the events of the Stones River Campaign 150 years ago to the day. (30 minutes) 10 AM - Rising Tide - Watch a Confederate infantry demonstration and listen to how the Confederates shattered the Union right flank during the morning of December 31, 1862. (30 minutes) 11 AM - Resisting the Tide - The ranger will recount the harrowing fight in the Slaughter Pen while Union infantry presents a firing demonstration. (30 minutes) 12 PM - Covering the Retreat- Watch cannons fire and learn how Union artillery struggled to hold back the Confederate tide with mixed results. (30 minutes) 1 PM - Hell's Half Acre- A ranger will recount the bloody struggle at the Round Forest as Confederate infantry presents a firing demonstration. (30 minutes) 2 PM - Fighting for the Pike - Union infantry takes the field while a ranger tells visitors how the Army of the Cumberland made its stand to protect its lifeline. (30 minutes) 3 PM - Artillery Saves the Days - Visitors will appreciate the critical role of cannons in forging the Union victory. Program will include a cannon firing demonstration. (30 minutes) 4 PM - A Hard Earned Victory - Join a ranger for a discussion of the important military, political, and social impacts of the costly Union victory at Stones River. (30 minutes) Camp Programs While you wait for the next demonstration to begin, join soldiers and civilians in our interpretive camp and discover the stories from beyond the battlefield. Presentations will include: Gen. George H. Thomas, Signal Corps, Artificers, Camp Games, Provost Marshal, and the civilian story of Holly McFadden. The camp will be open from 10 AM to 3 PM daily.