Mel O'Dram Theater Presents Murder & Magnolia's

June 21, 2013
Event By: Natchez Hills Vineyard Address: 109 Overhead Bridge Road Hampshire, TN 38461 Email: info@natchezhills.com Phone: (931) 285-2500
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Doors Open at 6:30pm & Show Starts at 7:00pm Tickets: $79.95 per couple, $45 per person Dinner Menu: Beef Stroganoff or Chicken breast stuffed with priscutto spinach & goat cheese, carrot bundles, roasted herb Yukon gold potatoes, rolls glazed w/honey butter, & birthday cake Murder & Magnolia's writen by Lynda Drewy & Kate Adams Martha Monet, extravagantly rich southern socialite and Ginsu Knife distributor, is hosting tonight's party for her twin daughters, Calliope Belle and Harmony Belle. Tonight marks the tenth anniversary of the death of Madison Monet, Martha's late husband. Until tonight, Martha has been the exectrix of the $20 million dollar trust fund set up by Madison for the girls. At midnight tonight, however, the trust fund will be dissolved and each daughter will have her half of the money to do with as she wishes. An intimate group of family and friends have arrived to participate in tonight's festivities. But as we await the appearance of the habitually late Calliope Belle, we find that all is not copacetic in the Monet household. Undercurrent of jealousy, deception and betrayal soon become evident in the seemingly innocent socializing and chit-chat of the guests. A sense of forebodingand unease casts a pallor of gloom over the party's festivities. As the evening progresses tempers may flair and dark emotions may emerge as we find out just what skeletons luck in the Monet mansion's many closets. It is possible that murder and mayhem will occur. If so, you and the others may be asked to aid in the investigation and solution of a murder.