Granville Genealogy Festival

April 9, 2016
Event By: Granville Museum Address: 169 Clover Street Granville, TN 38564 Email: prclemons@gmail.com Phone: (931) 653-4151

The featured family of our 2016 Festival will be the Carter Family. Since last years festival our Exhibition Center has been completed with a new Genealogy Section. Bob Brown has recently built wonderful bookcases for our Genealogy Section. This years festival family booths will be in our new center with all booths inside. We do ask each person wanting to have a family booth to please pre-register with us by completing attached form. Our featured speakers at Methodist Church will be as follows: Bob Brown – “Carter Family Research”, Carter Harris – “Carter Society”, Theresa White – “Importance of Going a Society and Beginning Genealogy”, Prof. Carolyn Powell – “Taking Care of Tombstones“, Megan Adkinson – “Archiving at Home”, Authors of Upper Cumberland speaking on their books and doing book signing. On April 9th we will also have the first Upper Cumberland Wine Festival, Antique Car Show up to 1940 cars, Craftsmen Demonstrations, Grand Opening “Remembering the 1930’s, Sutton Homestead Grand Opening “1930 in Granville: A life of Challenges”, Granville Museum – “Memories of the 1930’s, 8th Anniversary of Sutton General Store and Sutton Ole Time Music Hour. Any one that would like to have family reunion on Saturday or Sunday, please contact us as well. We do hope you can be with us for this great event. 931-653-4151 Click Here for the 2016 Genealogy Schedule of Events - See more at: http://granville-tn.com/events/details?event=2016-genealogy-festival-2016-04-09#sthash.MHjKpJ3a.dpuf

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City: Granville, TN
Region: Middle Tennessee
Subregion: Upper Cumberland

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