2013 Hickman County Quilt Show

October 4, 2013 - October 5, 2013
Event By: Grinder's Switch Center Address: 123 Church Street Centerville, TN 37033 Email: hickmancountyquiltguild@gmail.com Phone: (931) 729-4464
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Hickman County Quilt Guild History In the early fall of 2006, Johnnie Ruth Elrod, owner of Town Crier Gift Shop, attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting where they discussed the possibility of having something for the ladies to do while their husbands attended the annual car show. Johnnie has a love of quilts and suggested having a quilt show. She was given the task of planning and conducting the quilt show. In less than a month, Johnnie Ruth had contacted Ruth Ann Carathers, Velvet Bliss, Rilla Doss, all talented quilters, and Brenda Van Cleve, UT-Hickman County Extension Agent, to help her plan and put together the first Hickman County Quilt Show. The Quilt Show Committee, as they called themselves, decided to make photographs of the quilts and to make a booklet to document the quilts shown. They had hoped to have 50 quilts at the Methodist Church, but when 189 quilts were brought to be displayed, they were overwhelmed. Approximately 400 people attended the 2006 Hickman Co. Quilt Show. The booklet quickly turned into a book! The first Quilt Show was such a success; they began planning for the next year. In early 2007, Bettye Griffin and Linda Reynolds joined the original Quilt Show Committee members. First Baptist Church agreed to be the site for the 2007 Hickman Co. Quilt Show. Rilla Doss resigned from the committee. Gene Carathers designed and built quilt racks for the show. Paul Aydelott joined the group to work on the 2006 book, A Patchwork of Quilts and it was ready for sale by show date. The new site provided a challenge to organize the area so quilts could be displayed, to allow room for viewing and provide a seating area for students and visitors to use. Many historic quilts were displayed at this show. Quilt description cards were attached to each quilt. In this show as in the first show, quilts displayed must have been made by a resident of Hickman County or currently be owned by a Hickman County resident. Paul Aydelott and David Medford made photos of the 209 entries in the 2007 Quilt Show. Attendance increased to 866 guests including 331 East Intermediate and Centerville Intermediate students who attended the student program. The Quilt Committee continued to improve their show each year and 2008 was no exception. First Baptist Church agreed to be the site for the 2008 Hickman Co. Quilt Show. The Sit ‘N Sew sewing group agreed to make an “Egg Money” quilt to be used as a fund raiser for the Quilt Show. Velvet Bliss resigned from the committee. Postcards were designed and made to be sold for $1 each with a ticket to be filled out and deposited in a box for the drawing at the show. Our quilt show is set apart because we accept all quilts, no matter how old or new. Each quilt has a story to tell and we want to be the ones to tell that story. The second book, Celebrating 200 Years of Stars, documenting the 2007 Hickman Co. Quilt Show was sold at the show. Bob McClellan made photographs of the “Egg Money” quilt and Gene Carathers photographed the 216 quilts displayed. There were 670 guest registered at the quilt show including 119 students from Centerville Intermediate only, due to no bus transportation being available for field trips, who attended our student program by Committee Chair, Ruth Ann Carathers. In 2009, Hans Castleberg, photographer, and Quilt Committee Shadows (Cindy Collins and Carol Mayberry) joined Johnnie Ruth Elrod, Ruth Ann Carathers, Brenda Van Cleve, Bettye Griffin and Linda Reynolds. Quilt Committee Shadows were volunteers who observe, and learn about the quilt show to be able to carry on the work after 2010. Each member on the original committee has committed to produce a quilt show of Hickman Co. Quilts through 2010. John and Lugene Hudspeth made and donated a beautiful stained glass heart panel as a fund raiser for the show. Hans Castleberg photographed the 208 quilts displayed. Volume 3, Celebrating the Comforts of Home, designed by Christopher Martin, was sold at the 2009 Quilt show. There were 925 guests registered at the quilt show including 172 students who attended our student program by Ruth Ann Carathers on Friday morning. In 2010, Mattie Gordon and Mable Scates joined the Quilt Committee. Linda Reynolds donated a hand pieced quilt top to the group. Mattie Gordon donated the backing and batting. Beulah Binkley hand quilted the quilt for the group and the quilt was the fund raiser for the 2010 Quilt Show. Wayne Baker volunteered to make the photographs of the 219 quilts displayed. Unfortunately, due to the May flood, we were unable to produce the book for the 2009 show. The Quilt Committee’s goal was to show 1,000 quilts in 5 years. They were very successful, they displayed a total of 1,041 quilts. There were approximately 1,300 guests at the quilt show, including 133 students who attended our student program by Ruth Ann Carathers. The original committee had invested 5 very long years in producing the quilt show and documenting the quilts and their makers. As planned, after the 2010 show, Johnnie Ruth Elrod, Brenda Van Cleve, and Ruth Ann Carathers decided they were exhausted and in need or a break after the successful completion of their 5 year plan. In November, 2010 Michelle Cochran, June Prince, Amy Bryant, David Dansby, Carol Mayberry, and Linda Reynolds met to begin organizing for the 2011 show. Susan Sullivan, Mattie Gordon, and Mable Scates were unable to attend but were interested in being a part of the group. The group decided to proceed in a more formal manner. In 2011, Michelle Cochran, Amy Bryant, David Dansby, Bettye Griffin, Shirley Pirkle, June Prince, Mattie Gordon, Mable Scates, Carol Mayberry, Linda Reynolds, and Susan Sullivan developed a Mission Statement and By-laws for the group. The name was changed from the Quilt Committee to the Hickman County Quilt Guild. Mattie Gordon donated 2 hand pieced quilt tops, David Dansby donated the backing and batting, and Virginia Berry hand quilted both quilts. One quilt was used as a fund raiser for the 2011 show, the other reserved for 2012. The group decided to hold an open show this year – quilts would be accepted for show from outside Hickman County. A security fee was instigated to help defray the cost of providing security during the 3 day event. Linda Reynolds had family illness and has been out of the county. Working with the Banana Pudding Festival, the Quilt Show was mentioned on the rack cards placed at the major Visitor Centers on the interstate highways. Kathy Tucker joined the group. Grinders Switch Foundation received notification that it was approved as a non-profit organization, and Hickman County Quilt Guild was approved to work with GSF. The three events, Banana Pudding Festival, Car Show and Quilt Show developed and produced a trifold that was displayed in various restaurants and motels, in surrounding counties and in Hickman County. Photographs of the 208 quilts displayed at the 2011 Quilt Show were made by Amy Bryant. The 2009 book, Volume 4, Of Hearth and Home, designed by Vanessa Clayborn and Eric DeVault was ready for sale at the 2011 Quilt Show. There were 1,353 guests including 156 students attending our student program presented by Kathy Tucker, Dianne Burgess, and Billy Barrett.