Dinner and 3 Location Ghost Hunt

August 23, 2013 - August 24, 2013
Event By: GhostHunt Weekends Address: 109 Main Street Tracy City, TN 37387 Email: chad@ghosthuntweekends.com Phone: (865) 686-8893
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The Mayor of Tracy City, TN has extended his welcome and has given the Ghost Hunt Weekends, the keys to the City for this unpresented event were we will have access to three locations never before open to public investigations. The Dutch Maid Bakery and Cafe, The Old Grundy County High School and The Carl Roberts Home will be the host locations for this extraordinary weekend event. During your Dinner, Cindy Day, Owner of the Bakery and the Carl Roberts Home will tell you about the History and Haunts of these amazing locations, then Ghost Hunt Weekends President, Chad Morin will talk about up and coming as well as past GHW Events. Dutch Maid Bakery and Cafe - The oldest family owned bakery in Tennessee, built in 1902. The location of a mysterious death from a possible poisoning and a known dismemberment. Today, workers hear the sounds of foot steps, the front door opening and closing, items moving and feelings of being watched. Old Grundy County High School - A known local haunt, with figures seen in the windows, a full bodied apparition of a girl witnessed in one of the hallways along with voices and conversations heard coming from rooms of this now closed school. This is the site of several accidents that has claimed the lives of workers over the years. The Carl Roberts Home - A strange heavy and uneasy feeling is felt as soon as you walk through the door of this 1900's home to one of the area's most wealthy residents. Shuffling and banging noises have been reported as well as disembodied voices. The most exciting discovery of this house, is a hidden room behind the wall of a closet. A room large enough to be a bedroom. Was it a room used to hide a mentally challenged child from the towns' eyes, or used to hide his riches? (NOTE: The opening of the wall will be on the Saturday Event, and will stream LIVE on our website. We will not open the wall on the Friday event) More information at www.ghosthuntweekends.com or Toll-Free 1-800-604-9101