Rock City Enchanted MAiZE

September 25, 2014 - November 2, 2014
Event By: Rock City & Rock City Gardens Address: 271 Chattanooga Valley Rd Flintstone, TN 30725 Email: Phone: (706) 820-2531
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Minutes from downtown Chattanooga at the foot of Lookout Mountain, the Enchanted MAiZE is a fun-filled, interactive experience for all ages. Submerse yourself deep inside our specially designed cornfield. As you wind through this maze made entirely of MAiZE your sense of direction will begin to slip, each row of corn begins to look familiar until finally you are lost in the Enchanted MAiZE!!! Add to the fun of navigating the Enchanted MAiZE by playing one of our interactive games, where Trivia Questions are stationed throughout the MAiZE on signposts. Your answer to each question determines if you'll find the way out quickly or get lost and have an extended stay. Visit after dark with your flashlight for a totally different perspective as distant landmarks that assist during the day are no longer there, or visit our Spooky Maze on weekends late in October to see what terrible things are buried deep in the corn.