37th Annual National Storytelling Festival

October 2, 2009 - October 4, 2009
Address: International Storytelling Center Jonesborough, TN Phone: (800) 952-8392
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The festival began in 1973 when 60 people came to hear a few Appalachian tales from the back of a hay wagon pulled up beside the town courthouse. In the decades since, those 60 people have grown to 10,000, and the hay wagon replaced by large circus-like tents sprinkled throughout the town. The few mountain tales are supplemented now with stories from the South, and far West, from the British Isles, Jamaica, Cuba, Africa, and Japan! Peppered with the flare and fun of blues, poetry, ballads, and banjo, the festival encompasses a wealth of cultures, geography, and styles—a world of stories within one small, historic town.