Renaissance of the North American Flute Foundation

June 5, 2014 - June 8, 2014
Event By: Smoky Mountains Visitor Center at Townsend Address: 123 Cromwell Dr Townsend, TN 37882 Phone: (865) 448-0044

A celebration of the Native American Flute with world renowned Native American flutists in concert throught this 4 day gathering running from June 5 through June 8. Enjoy concerts, workshops (additional fee may apply), and vendors at this exciting 4 day event. This Gathering offers the unique opportunity to hear world class musicians from around the country, purchase flutes made by sone of the best flute makers, and to learn something about this wonderful art form whether you are new to the flute or have been playing for years. Performance list for the 2014 event include: 1 R.C. Nakai 2 Randy McGinnis 3 Ken light 4 Randy Granger 5 Fred Yellow Knife & Nishoni Sky 7. Jann Sidden 8. Rona Yellow Robe 9 John Sarantos MC as well 10 Jan Micheal Looking Wolf 11 Gareth Laffely 12 Ryan Little Eagle Molina 13 Anthony Molina 14 Painter Raven Marsha Harris & Annette Abbondanza 15 Danny Begay 16 Geri Little john 17 Adrian Bailey 18 Cody Blackbird 19 Duane Deemer 20 Robert Mullinax 21 Beth Prevedel 22 Jack Lynn 23 Mark McGourley 24 Ron Warren 25 Steve Rushing Wind 26 Sydney Lee Mitchell 27 Robert Gatliff 28 Julia Gatliff

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City: Townsend, TN
Region: East Tennessee
Subregion: Smoky Mountains

Admission Rates:
4 day pass- $65 1 day pass- $20 Evening Only Pass- $15