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More and more travelers are looking for ways to see new places while still respecting the land and traditions of places they travel. We've made it easier for you by compiling this directory of places to stay, eat and have fun while still helping us preserve the best of Tennessee.

The businesses, events and attractions listed here all are working to take better care of the natural resources, the history, and the culture that make Tennessee such a great place to live or to visit.

Green Travel Itinerary

Farms, Markets, Gardens & Orchards, and Hayrides in Southeast Tennessee
Southeast Tennessee farmers pride themselves on the value of tradition. While the tractor has replaced the wagon, farmers in our region devote themselves to traditional ingenuity when harvesting their crops. That hard work and dedication shows in every fruit and vegetable they produce. Culture in another aspect Tennesseans believe in and show. The culture of our region can be seen in all of the many festivals offered here. And, any visit to Southeast Tennessee would not be complete without a scenic hayride through Southeast Tennessee's beautiful country side. Green is only something that can be experienced first hand while visiting a farm, garden, festival, or enjoying a fun hayride.

Green Travel Itinerary

An overview of Nashville's Personality
To get a true sampling of Nashville's personality, an overview tour must incorporate history, art and music.

Green Travel Itinerary

Appalachia and the Atomic Age

Green Travel Itinerary

Nashville Diversity Tour

Green Travel Itinerary

Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Green Travel Itinerary

Horseback, Hayrides, Carriage and Wagon Rides in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

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