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Civil War

Tennessee's Civil War history is a study in contrasts: a secessionist state with staunch Union loyalties, divided cities held by both Union and Confederate troops, constant danger and hardship, and nagging uncertainty about friends, neighbors and families, about who was friend or foe.

Tennessee's Civil War tale is one of divided loyalties, crucial battles, and the wide-reaching devastation of "total war." People throughout the state were completely immersed in the economic, social, and physical effects of the conflict, subject to violence and terror, disease and malnutrition, heartbreak and loss, and military rule by both sides. Many grim reminders of the war—as well as hopeful symbols of heroism and kindness—stand today as testament to the war's far-reaching toll.

Use these links to learn more about trails, markers and other interpretive sites; battlefields, and the many Civil War-related museums and other attractions designed to help travelers understand the legacy of the war in Tennessee.

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Winchester, Dechard and Estell Springs
"At Estell Springs (Allisonia during the war) there is a railroad bridge which was the site of the crossing of some of the Army of Tennessee.  Also located there is a  historical marker for the Camp Harris site, a Confederate training camp named after Tennessee’s wartime governor, Isham G. Harris a Franklin County native. Decherd is the site of the engagement ...more

Phone:  800-799-6131

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Winstead Hill
"General Hood's troops formed on Winstead Hill before their great charge at the Battle of Franklin. A memorial to the Army of Tennessee stands on the hill today. The overlook features a large military map and memorials to the Confederate generals who died in this ...more

City:  Franklin, TN
Phone:  (615) 791-1861

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World's Fair Park & Festival Center
"With all its lovely landscaping, wide, open spaces and wonderful water features, the new World's Fair Park provides endless possibilities for celebrating life in Knoxville, Tennessee. Miles of lawn, acres of flowers, cascading waterfalls, placid streams, and many more gifts of natural beauty create an inviting environment for festivals, performances, meetings, conferences, or a quiet moment for personal ...more

City:  Knoxville, TN
Phone:  865-251-6860

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Zollicoffer Training Camp
"This is the site of Camp Zollicoffer, a training base established by the Confederate States army in 1861. Men from Overton and several surrounding counties came here to be organized into companies which were formed into the 28th Tennessee Infantry ...more

City:  Livingston, TN

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Iron Furnace & Civil War Fortifications
"Part of the National Park Service’s property in Cumberland Gap, this remaining furnace documents the local industry at the time of the Civil War. Due to the Gap’s strategic location, both sides built extant fortifications during the ...more

City:  Cumberland Gap, TN
Phone:  606-248-2817

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Iron Furnaces
"Remnants of Dickson County’s once flourishing iron industry can be viewed at this state park.  African-American slaves worked the furnaces, which were directed toward the Confederate military effort early in the war. ...more

City:  Burns, TN
Phone:  800-250-8613

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Jackson County Museum
"The museum contains much historical information, along with ...more

City:  Gainesboro, TN
Phone:  931-268-4863

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James K. Polk Ancestral Home
"Built in 1816, the only surviving home of the eleventh U.S. President (other than the White House) now displays original belongings of President and Mrs. Polk. It was here that James K. Polk began his legal and political career, living in this house until he was inaugurated 11th president of the United States in 1845. He was the first “dark horse” ...more

City:  Columbia, TN
Phone:  931-388-2354

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Jefferson County Museum & Archives
"Built in 1845, this antebellum courthouse has never suffered a fire and retains all original county documents back to 1792. During the Civil War the courthouse served as a hospital. This story and others is told in the county history museum located inside the courthouse. Staffed by 15 volunteers who preserve all historical records. Museum houses a wide array of ...more

City:  Dandridge, TN
Phone:  865-397-4904

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Jerry Amish Wagon Tours

City:  Ethridge, TN
Phone:  931-629-0764

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John Hunt Morgans Raid to Ohio
"Traveling Highway 85 to Highway 292 to Celina on to Burksville, KY Livingston, as one of the crossroads of the Upper Cumberland region, was an important place in the Civil War career of Confederate cavalry Gen. John Hunt Morgan. Morgan’s raiders first came here on July 7, 1862, as they approached the Kentucky line for a succ4essful summer raid. Three ...more

City:  Gainesboro, TN

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John Randolph Spahr Home
"With a unique interior log structure, this historic two-story home was owned by John Randolph Spahr, Sr. in the late 1800s. Open by ...more

City:  Blountville, TN

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Johnsonville State Historic Park
"This 1500-acre park on the eastern side of Kentucky Lake overlooks the site of the Civil War Battle of Johnsonville. The park is named for Military Governor Andrew Johnson of Tennessee. The Battle of Johnsonville occurred on November 4, 1864, the culmination of Confederate Cavalry Commander Nathan Bedford Forrest’s wide-ranging 23-day raid to destroy the Union supply lines running to Nashville. ...more

City:  New Johnsonville, TN
Phone:  (931) 535-2789

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Johnston's Last Bivouac
"Confederate commander Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston made his camp here after meeting with his top generals April 5, 1862, before the Battle of Shiloh. Awakened the next morning to the sound of musketry, Johnston rode to the opening battle and was killed just hours ...more

City:  Shiloh, TN

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Jonesborough Historic District and Visitors Center
"Take a trip back to the early 1800s as you explore Tennessee’s oldest town. Amidst the numerous historic sites, you’ll find one-of-a-kind specialty shops and cafés. Pick up an official Historic Jonesborough Visitors Guide, seasonal events calendars, local and regional maps as well as an answer to any questions you may have by our knowledgeable hostess staff. The Center also houses ...more

City:  Jonesborough, TN
Phone:  (866) 401-4223

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Jonesborough-Washington County and Chester Inn Museums
"The museum tells the history of Tennessee's oldest town and county, from the movement towards statehood to the 20th ...more

City:  Jonesborough, TN
Phone:  866-401-4223

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Knoxville Civil War Driving Tour
"The driving tour highlights the divided loyalties among East Tennesseans. It includes stops at historical museums and homes, battle sites and ...more

City:  Knoxville, TN
Phone:  800-727-8045

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Knoxville Civil War Roundtable
"Founded in 1983 the Knoxville Civil War Roundtable i a state-chartered non-profit educational oraganization. With a membership of 200 persons this organization is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, commemoration, and preservation of our Civil War ...more

City:  Knoxville, TN
Phone:  (865) 671-9001

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Knoxville Driving Tour, the Siege of Knoxville & Battle of Fort Sanders
"Tour features sites relating to the Nov. 1863, attempt by Confederate General James Longstreet to capture Knoxville and the army of Union General Ambrose E. Burnside.  Some of the sites include: Longstreet’s headquarters, Fort Dickerson, cemeteries, hospitals, site of mortal wounding of Union General William P. Sanders, and the site of the unsuccessful Confederate attack on Fort Sanders.  Brochures by ...more

City:  Knoxville, TN
Phone:  (800) 727-8045

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