Nature & Outdoors
Come face to face with awe-inspiring nature and breathtaking wilderness. Climb cliffs and canyons. Plunge into rivers and fly above the trees. See a land of beauty, magic and discovery.

Travelers and locals alike thrill to our awe-inspiring nature, our great outdoors. Visit canyons, vivid wildflower gardens and cold, clear plunge pools. Scout award-winning state parks and natural areas, the Appalachian Trail and the rich heritage of the beloved Smokies.

Discover the world of nature from wildlife areas to impressive greenways. Explore the mighty Mississippi River. Peek at Mt. LeConte and other panoramic vistas. Play all day in our lakes and rivers. Try flatwater canoeing on the Caney Fork, or paddle rushing rivers. Our parks, cabins and nature resorts provide endless choices for camping fun.

Delve into geologic wonders. Hit the trails, and choose from Nashville’s Trace, the Sunny Side Trail or the Tennessee River Trail, all featuring scenic spots for outdoor adventure. Refresh in spectacular waterfalls spilling from the Highland Rim. Scale the Cumberland Plateau’s wonderfully wild Foster Falls.

Gallop on horseback at Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Cruise our marinas, fly fish in a refreshing stream or set sail for the sunset. Bring hiking shoes! Get up early for sunrise, and watch nature unfold in Tennessee.

East Tennessee

Ober Gatlinburg

High above the busy streets, Ober Gatlinburg is a winter sports paradise created by state-of-the-art snow making systems. You can ski on nine trails and snowboard on the free-style terrain with options for all experience levels. Don’t miss the snow tubing park or ice skating.

Hit the Slopes
Middle Tennessee

Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area

Big South Fork covers 125,000 acres of the Cumberland Plateau with 180 miles of horse trails, 150 miles of hiking trails and countless miles of water for paddling. The Clear Fork and New rivers meet to form the Big South Fork. Visitors come for the incredible beauty of the region - trails that lead to stunning waterfalls, majestic views from 1,800 feet above the river and twin arches as high as 70 feet made of river-worn rock. 

Hit the Trails
West Tennessee

Reelfoot Lake State Park

One of Tennessee’s natural treasures, Reelfoot Lake was created by the great earthquakes of 1811-12, when the Mississippi River flowed backwards for hours to fill the lake crater. Covering more than 15,000 acres in Northwest Tennessee just a few miles from the river, Reelfoot offers some of the best fishing in the country with 50 species of fish. In addition, you’ll find hunting, hiking, camping and even bald eagles around the lake.

Discover Reelfoot

Experience Nature & Outdoors

Within Tennessee are peaks, wooded ridges, fertile valleys, wildlife refuges, rivers, plains and coves, which create the setting for rich recreational opportunities and a vast diversity of plant and animal life.

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