Permits & Guides

Be sure you have the latest information on permits, locations and safety so you can enjoy Tennessee’s great outdoors to the fullest. Just click on the links below to get the information you need.



Nothing is better than the wind in your hair and a refreshing spray of water cooling you off. Use this Official TWRA Boating Guide to keep you safe and up to speed on what you need to know about Tennessee boating. Be safe on our beautiful waterways with the help of this resource: Boating Safety Education. For more in-depth information on boating in Tennessee, visit tn.gov/twra/boatmain.html.

Wildlife Watching

Wildlife Watching#

When you pause to watch great blue herons tending their nest, raccoons rambling along the riverbank, hawks and eagles soaring along the canyon rim, or belted kingfishers defending their territory, you will want to have this with you: Tennessee’s Watchable Wildlife. And here is a handy checklist: Field Checklist of Tennessee Birds. For more in-depth information on Tennessee’s wildlife, visit tn.gov/twra/nongame.html.



You will be happy to be up on the latest with this Official TWRA Interactive Fishing Guide. And this handy Tennessees Family Fishing Lakes Brochure will let you know the wealth of catches that are out there. Be sure to check out the Tennessee Fishing Licenses so you will be set to go. For more in-depth information on fishing in Tennessee, visit tn.gov/twra/fish/fishmain.html.



Tennessee is tops in outdoors action, whether you are fishing, hunting or just enjoying our great outdoors. Use this Official TWRA Interactive Hunting & Trapping Guide and Tennessee Hunting License Information to keep in the loop. For more in-depth information on hunting in Tennessee, visit tn.gov/twra/wildlife.html.