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Dayle Fergusson

Hi! I’m Dayle Fergusson. As a transplanted Aussie living in Middle Tennessee since 1986, I have been a freelance travel writer and editor for most of my career. I’ve traveled the world looking for adventure as a pilot, sailor, professional writer and photographer. I love living in the South, with its rolling green hills and friendly people, and look forward to taking you with me as we explore Middle Tennessee’s music, culture, history, entertainment, dining and the outdoors. Expect unique surprises as we embark on these adventures together. Describe your perfect Tennessee day. Sailing the Wanderin’ Star on an Old Hickory Lake sunset cruise. The slow gurgle of our sleek Catalina 25 sailboat cutting a wake, sails full, a warm summer breeze in your face, sky streaked with color, the sun bleeding golden into the water. A champagne cork popping high above the deck, with a toast to “whatever comes next.” All of it captures our love of life, and doesn’t get any better than this. Where’s the first place you’d take a friend visiting Tennessee? When friends come to visit, a trip east to Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains is always top of the list. As the terrain rises, the blue haze shrouding the forested hills and mountains is alluring. It’s fun to pitch a tent in the forest and share stories around a campfire, or snuggle into a mountain cabin by a sparkling stream. In the evenings, we’ll listen to the haunting calls of hoot owls courting or catch a glimpse of masked raccoons, those brazen bandits on their nighttime raids. Gatlinburg is like a quaint Swiss mountain village, rustic shops filled with local arts and crafts, homemade taffy, unique collectibles and treasures for everyone. If you could meet one historical Tennessean, who would it be and why? (This can be someone still living.) Dolly Parton would be my favorite Tennessean to meet. I first heard her sing at a live concert in Murfreesboro with Kenny Rogers. With natural, irrepressible charm, she completely stole the show and had everyone eating out of her hand. I admire her spunk, her sense of humor, her positive outlook on life, her genuine, transparent honesty. Dolly is a testament to her ability to rise above humble beginnings and succeed, and to never lose sight of the importance of giving back to others.

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