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Hello! I’m Leah Jennings. I’m a lifelong writer, born and raised in Middle Tennessee. I enjoy travel, food, photography, or any combination of the three. As a recent newlywed, I have been reacquainting myself with the state I call home. Some of my favorite Tennessee attractions include Stax Museum in Memphis, the Chattanooga riverfront and the burgeoning food culture of Nashville. I learn something new about the state every day, and encourage readers to update me regarding some of the joys Tennessee brings to their lives. My blog posts will focus on the latest Tennessee travel deals, cool upcoming events and more. Hop on and let’s go! Describe your perfect Tennessee day. A perfect day in Tennessee includes great weather with the wind blowing just so, delicious local food with a great story behind it, and friends to make any Tennessee experience all the more enjoyable. Anything artsy, musical or edible, and I’m there! Tennessee offers so many experiences for any taste, exploring the state could be a full-time job that I’d gladly add to my résumé. Where’s the first place you’d take a friend visiting Tennessee? In Nashville, a walk along the ever-thriving Broadway strip is a definite must. In Chattanooga, the Tennessee Aquarium is a can’t-miss spot for aquatic aficionados. In Memphis, the awesome retelling of an important part of our history, the Civil Rights Movement, is told wonderfully at the National Civil Rights Museum. If you could meet one historical Tennessean, who would it be and why? (This can be someone still living.) Although she wasn’t born here, Oprah Winfrey spent parts of her childhood growing up right here in Nashville. She’s such an inspiring businesswoman and philanthropist that I can’t imagine a person who wouldn’t want to meet her!

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