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Eat, Drink and Solve the Murder at Mel O’Drama Dinner Theater

Murder is in the air as the lights dim, transporting the audience into the palatial Boudreaux Manor in the French Quarter. It’s the perfect evening for a good murder mystery as we settle back for a prime rib dinner with new friends at our table.

Mel O’Drama offers diners a different style of Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, taking the show to outlying communities surrounding Nashville and partnering with local restaurants for their performances. The Perils of Francois

In an intimate dining area at Woody’s Steak House in Madison, Tenn. we are drawn into the story, as Bob and Bunny Boudreaux greet guests to their annual Mardi Gras Charity Ball. They cast anxious glances while lightning flashes from a freak storm threatening to build into an out-of-season hurricane. Or is that ominous darkness portending something worse?

A night of suspicion and mystery has begun as we follow The Perils of Francois, performed by a zany cast of characters who bring a polished array of talent garnered from stages around the world.

Possessed by the spirit of a long-dead voodoo priestess, Bunny Boudreaux jealously commands her husband’s attention from his slinky personal secretary, with her shrill demand for another drink. As the characters play out their roles, the drama builds. Francois

Francois, the guest of honor, finally arrives, an irresistible and enigmatic man of the world who shocks his guests by informing them he is not wearing a mask.

For each show, participation is encouraged. The clues are revealed one by one as the story evolves, until the victim falls to murder most foul and the audience is invited to guess the murderer. The prize for the successful sleuth is a commemorative bottle of wine individually labelled for each Murder Mystery Dinner production.

Mel O’Drama is the fulfillment of a lifetime passion for its creator, Mel Roady. An active member of local theater productions for many years, she launched her own company in 2006, aptly named Mel O’Drama, A Theatrical Dining Experience. Her fluid team of talented actors, singers, songwriters, musicians, writers and directors create a new murder mystery dinner show every three months. While one show is running, another is being cast and rehearsed, while a third is being written.

If you would like to share the limelight on stage, you may even audition for upcoming productions by visiting their website or emailing

DSC_0331The Perils of Francois will play out its season July 11 at Dick’s Last Resort July 18 at Dave & Busters at Opry Mills. Prices vary depending on location and menu. Death by Drumstick will premiere in August and run through October. Follow upcoming Murder Mystery shows as well.

This is your opportunity to support the arts and local restaurants you love while enjoying an evening of fine dining and entertainment. Bring along your friends and see who can solve the murder first.

Let the show begin!

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