Affair at Travisville

Address: Hwy. 200, 1.5 miles off of Hwy. 127 Byrdstown, TN 38549 Contact Email: pickettchamber@twlakes.net Phone: (931) 864-7195 Toll-free: 888-406-4704

September 29th., 1861 marks the date of what has become known as the Affair at Travisville. Until the events of this day transpired, people locally had assured themselves that they were too far off the beaten paths to see any fighting. The event of that particular Sunday, one hundred and forty one years ago, represents the first military action in Tennessee during the Civil War. Only in the past several years has Travisville been acknowledged as the official beginning of the conflict and the struggle for control in Tennessee. Call 1-888-406-4704 or e-mail info@theborderlands.com for more details.

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North of Forbus, take Hwy. 127 S. towards Jamestown. Turn left just past the Forbus General Store on Hwy. 200 then watch for the signs. South of Forbus, follow Hwy. 127 N. towards Kentucky. Turn right just before the Forbus General Store and look for the signs.


City: Byrdstown, TN
Region: Middle Tennessee
Subregion: Upper Cumberland

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