Amish Welcome Center

Address: 4001 Hwy. 43 N. Ethridge, TN 38456 Phone: (931) 829-2433
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Explore the Amish Community in a Horse-Drawn Wagon! Come and visit the South's largest "Old Order Amish Settlement" located around Ethridge, Tennessee. We'll take you into the heart of Amish country in a horse-drawn covered wagon. You will have a fun-filled ride as you take a first-hand look at life on the Amish Farms. See farming done the old fashion way, with horse-drawn farm equipment, wagons, and buggies. Our experienced drivers will fill you in on all the interesting details of the Amish lifestyle. You'll get to stop and visit at Amish farms, where you can purchase some of their hand-made crafts. You'll get to know what these "plain folk" and their "simple" way are all about. Find out why... they allow no autos or tractors ...they have not electricity or telephones ...they shun modern conveniences. We know you will enjoy your visit.

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