Davidson Farm

Address: 993 Carters Valley Rd. Rogersville, TN 37857 Contact Email: info@thedavidsonfarm.com Phone: (423) 754-1547
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Stop into the newly reopened Farm Market Store on this working family farm in Rogersville for fresh produce, jams and jellies, family recipes and more. The 1902 store was originally built by the first generation of family farmers here, and today the fourth generation keeps that tradition alive year-round, in addition to fun fall activities. "Our mission is to share our land resources and agricultural heritage with the public. Our vision is to achieve this mission with a three-fold strategy: we will promote and enhance a local food culture; we will grow, process, and sell high-quality food products; and we will host unique agritainment and cultural events." "In keeping with our mission statement, we actively “share our . . . agriculture heritage with the public.” One way we do this is by participation in the Quilt Trail, a unique pathway of ‘roadway art’ found on the rural byways of the southeastern mountain landscape. Expand your knowledge of Appalachian history by taking a scenic driving excursion along the Quilt Trail – but, be sure to stop and visit The Davidson Farm while you connect with the past in this unique way! For more information, visit www.vacationaqt.com.

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City: Rogersville, TN
Region: East Tennessee
Subregion: Northeast

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