Harpeth River Blueway

Address: Harpeth River Watershed Association P.O. Box 1127 Franklin, TN 37065 Contact Email: doriebolze@harpethriver.org Phone: (615) 790-9767
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As a joint endeavor between the Harpeth River Watershed Association (HRWA) and the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association (TSRA), the vision of the Project is to promote recreational opportunities, safety and the preservation of natural and cultural features along the Harpeth River through the provision of canoe/kayak access sites and accompanying signage. The Harpeth River, 125 miles long with over 1000 miles of tributaries, meanders through agricultural, forested and suburban areas of six counties in the greater Nashville region until it joins the Cumberland River. The Harpeth River watershed is the area of land — 870 square miles — which drains into the Harpeth River. The Harpeth is one of the unique freshwater river systems of the Southeast which contain a greater variety of aquatic life than anywhere else in the world.

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