Pembroke Oak Grove Road

Address: Route 115 Clarksville, TN 37042
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Scenery: Miles and miles of farm country, fresh air, very little traffic. You will see very old barns, and even pass a old style school house that is stil in use. You will also go through a very small town that appears to be almost completely empty. There are very old hosues that are very cool to look at and take pictures of. The Jeffeson Davis Memorial itself is very simple. There is a huge Monument, some kind of visitor center and a place to sit and eat under a pavilion. Written Directions: You can start this trip in Clarksville Tennessee at the intersection of Tiny Town Road and Pembroke Road. From there head north on Pembroke Road (which changes names to Pembroke Oak Grove Road (AKA Route 115) once you pass into KY). Take this road north and you'll come out of Tennessee and into Kentucky after less than a mile. Just stay on this road and follow the signs until you come to the Memorial site in Fariview Kentucky.

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