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A look inside the first ever multi-cavern recording with Craig Brown Band.

Behind The Scenes With Craig Brown

A look inside the first ever multi-cavern recording with Craig Brown Band.

Part country, part rock, Craig Brown Band is emblematic of everything Third Man Records stands for. With authentic Americana vibes, heartfelt lyrics and a raw, honest sound, Craig’s honky-tonk howl pairs perfectly with the band’s authentic grit. Formerly the lead vocalist and guitarist for punk band Terrible Twos, Craig’s rock ’n’ roll roots give the band an underground edge.

Craig and his band are Detroit natives, so we decided there was no better way to acclimate them to Tennessee than in some of the coolest caves throughout the state. We went to Raccoon Mountain Caverns and The Lost Sea with the Craig Brown Band to make the first ever multi-cavern recording. The caves not only provided rich, unique acoustics during the recording, they also made for a stunning visual backdrop for the music video. Check out some of Tennessee’s coolest caves that made this one-of-a-kind music recording possible:

Raccoon Mountain Caverns: Chattanooga

Raccoon Mountain Caverns, one of the locations where Craig Brown Band recorded “Planet Song,” includes more than 5 miles of underground passageways. After venturing through the caves, Craig and his band, lit by the golden glow of lanterns throughout the caves, played among the stunning rock formations in the Crystal Palace and the Snake Pit. Raccoon Mountain Caverns offers a variety of tours so you can see the caverns firsthand. You can also stay overnight at the campsite to experience a full weekend of outdoor adventures in Chattanooga.

The Lost Sea: Sweetwater

As America’s largest underground lake, the Lost Sea is one of the most unique and visually stunning attractions in Tennessee, providing an amazing setting for Craig Brown Band to record. In addition to exploring the caves, Craig and the Drinkard Sisters harmonized on a glass-bottom boat that travels through the Lost Sea. The beautiful rock formations throughout the cave served as an incredible backdrop for the music video, while the condensed space deep within the caverns created a rich sound quality.

Cumberland Caverns: McMinnville

In addition to the multi-cavern recording, Craig Brown Band performed at an exclusive concert that gave new meaning to underground music. The 333 ft. Underground concert, which featured Craig Brown Band as well as Third Man Records artists Lillie Mae, Margo Price and Joshua Hedley, took place in the stunning Volcano Room at Cumberland Caverns, one of Tennessee’s unique music venues. Not only did this concert honor the rich musical history of the state, it was symbolic of the groundbreaking approach to music that both Third Man Records and the state of Tennessee are known for.

The Volcano Room of Cumberland Caverns is unlike any music venue on earth. The rock formations within the cave emulate the walls of a professional recording studio, giving the music a rich quality so you can hear every note perfectly. The concert experience here is enhanced by the cave’s beauty — seeing a concert at this venue is like being transported to another planet.

This recording session with Craig Brown Band was an amazing way to explore some of the coolest places in Tennessee for an outdoor adventure. With more than 9,000 caves throughout the state, there are endless opportunities for underground exploration.

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