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Drew & Ellie Holcomb and their family

For the Love of Family, Travel Safe

Singer-songwriters Drew and Ellie Holcomb and their family hit the road for an epic 1,600-mile R.V. trek through Tennessee — while traveling safe. They even wrote a couple of songs along the way.

In this web series, Drew and Ellie Holcomb load their family into an Airstream and head out to explore Tennessee’s unmatched scenic beauty, cities and charming small towns. Along the way, they find inspiration in the state they love, write music together, make memories as a family and do it all safely. Take it from the Holcombs — For the love of Tennessee, travel safe.

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Episode 1: River's Run Episode 2: Memory Bank Episode 3: Feels Like Home Episode 4: Family Howl Episode 5: Coming Home The Encore: "Hey Rivers"

Episode 1: River’s Run

In the first episode, the Holcomb family takes off from their home in Nashville for their state-wide adventure. With sleeping bags and guitars in hand, they set out to see what Tennessee has in store for them.

Family on a carriage ride in Lynchburg
Family  petting a horse and riding in a carriage
Velma's Candy storefront in TN
Inside Velma's Candy store in Tennessee
Family picking out candy at Velma's Candy store
RV family road trip in a vintage airstream
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Lynchburg Historic Square

In Lynchburg, Tennessee, the Holcombs explore the quaint downtown area, starting at Velma’s Candy. The old-fashioned candy store is a tribute to the owner’s grandmother, Velma, who ran a tiny grocery store just two doors down Main Street. Then they take a carriage ride around the idyllic little town best known as the home of the Jack Daniel’s distillery.

The Main Street is just what you’d imagine in a small town, with milkshakes at the pharmacy counter and a courthouse on the adjoining town square. The Holcomb family stretches their legs, mostly by chasing two-year-old Rivers — they call him a joy tornado, darting around to anything new and delightful that catches his eye.

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Holcomb Family canoeing at Big Hill Pond
Scenic photo of the trees on the banks of Bill Hill Pond
Family selfie while sitting in the canoe
Holcomb Family canoeing at Big Hill Pond
Drew Holcomb and his kids fishing the banks at Big Hill Pond
Kids fishing at Big Hill Pond
Scenic photo of the trees on the banks of Big Hill Pond
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Big Hill Pond State Park

At Big Hill Pond State Park in Pocahontas, Tennessee, the Holcombs fish on the banks of the lake and then take a canoe through the cypress trees. There’s even more to do at the 5,000-acre state park, including kayak rentals, camping options, horseback riding and hiking.

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Tennessee family road trip vacation in an airstream
The Holcomb Family setting up their tent for family camping
Family camping trip at Paris Landing State Park
Family sitting around their campfire at Paris Landing State Park
Camping with kids in Tennessee at Paris Landing State Park
Drew and Ellie Holcomb writing a song near the campfire
Stop 3 of 3

Paris Landing State Park

After a long day, the Holcombs set up camp at Paris Landing State Park. While Ellie and Drew unload, the kids run and play in the fresh air. The park sits on the western shore of Kentucky Lake in Buchanan, Tennessee, with room for boating, swimming, fishing, hiking and camping, plus golf and a lakefront inn.

For the Holcombs, ending the day here means s’mores and some songwriting by the campfire. In other words, it’s pretty much perfect.

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Episode 2: Memory bank

In the second episode, the Holcomb family Airstream heads on down to Memphis. Everybody is ready for a new day’s worth of Tennessee adventure, but especially the kids. And their excitement fuels more songwriting inspiration for Drew and Ellie.

The Holcomb family looking at the giraffes at the Memphis Zoo
The Holcomb family walking on the path through the Memphis Zoo
Kds feeding a giraffe at the Memphis Zoo
Family feeding giraffe at the Memphis TN zoo
The family looking at animals at the Memphis Zoo
The entrance to the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee
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Memphis Zoo

First stop is the award-winning Memphis Zoo, and the Holcomb kids don’t want to miss anything. The 114-year-old zoo is home to upwards of 3,500 animals who live in the 18 or so exhibits. The Holcomb family is loving the peek at wildlife as they check out lions, pandas, monkeys and feed giraffes — followed by plenty of hand sanitizer.

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Family paddle boating at Shelby Farms Park in Tennessee
Family walking on a trail at Shelby Farms Park
Paddle boats at Shelby Farms Park TN
The family having a picnic lunch at Shelby Farms Park
The pond at Shelby Farms Park in Tennessee
The family jumping on the beach at Shelby Farms Park
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Shelby Farms Park

Ready for lunch, the Holcomb family picks up some Central BBQ, a great example of Memphis-style ribs in a city known for its barbeque, then heads to Shelby Farms Park. 

Sprawling over 4,500 acres, the massive urban park has a buffalo herd, more than 40 miles of trails and tons to do. The Holcombs opt for paddle boating, an activity the family can do together.

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Drew and Ellie Holcomb songwriting over a fire
Family making s'mores at fire pit
Family campsite in Harrison Bay State Park
The family playing at the beach at Harrison Bay State Park
Family playing at Harrison Bay State Park
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Harrison Bay State Park

The Holcombs settle into the campgrounds at beautiful Harrison Bay State Park. The historic park features hiking, camping and golfing on the wooded parklands and boating and fishing on Chickamauga Lake. 

Taking it all in, 2-year-old Rivers entertains the whole family, because after their morning at the zoo, he’s convinced the campground squirrels are monkeys. After another joyful day, around another evening campfire, Drew and Ellie finish their first song.

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Episode 3: Feels Like Home

In the third episode, the Holcomb family spends a cozy morning at the campground. The slower pace gives Drew and Ellie time to really cherish all the normal, everyday family moments that usually fly right by. Soon they’re back on the road and rolling into Chattanooga, excited to see new sights in their home state — and write songs.

The Holcomb family hiking in Rock City
The Holcomb family looking at the view from a bridge in Rock City
The Holcomb family in the cave at Rock City
The Holcomb family at a look out in the rocks at Rock City
The Holcomb family looking through the view finder at Rock City
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Rock City Gardens

When the Holcomb family pulls their Airstream across the bridge into Chattanooga, their mood is sky-high. Ellie’s been seeing signs for Rock City Gardens her entire life and today is the day they’re finally going. Just six miles from downtown Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain is home to Rock City Gardens, which combines beautiful gardens with massive ancient rock formations. The best part is the breathtaking views.

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Drew and Ellie on the walkway to the overlook
Starry night in Tennessee
The night sky in Tennessee
Drew and Ellie writing and singing songs
Drew and Ellie looking out at the Smokie Mountains
A scene of the Smokie Mountains
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Obed Wild & Scenic River

The Holcomb family takes their time traveling, enjoying each other and this perfect Tennessee day. As the sun starts to set, Drew and Ellie take a couple’s hike from Lilly Bluff Trails to the overlook. Below them the river gorge carves its way through bluffs, cliffs and forested slopes. From their scenic perch, they chat about their love for Tennessee, which inspires them to write a song about this place that feels like home.

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Episode 4: Family Howl

In the fourth episode, the Holcomb family winds their way toward the Great Smoky Mountains. As the family follows Ellie’s lead to really live life, Drew and Ellie find the inspiration to finish another song.

View of the Smoky Mountains from Foothills Parkway TN
Family vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains
Family hiking near Foothills Parkway in Tennessee
Foothills Parkway scenic drive views in TN
Family scenic drive on historic Foothills Parkway in TN
Family enjoying picnic by Foothills Parkway in Tennessee
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Foothills Parkway (East)

The Holcomb family starts the day with a drive through scenic Foothills Parkway. The historic route offers showstopping views at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains. Amid the rolling mountains and winding valleys, the Holcombs enjoy simple pleasures — watching the clouds overhead, blowing a whistle with a blade of grass, swinging the kids around ‘til they're dizzy.

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Barge ride at  Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport TN
Wolves howling at Bays Mountain Park TN
Bays Mountain Park Tennessee animal habitats
Family fun at  Bays Mountain Park in TN
Kid-friendly fun at Bays Mountain Park in TN
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Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium

At Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium, the Holcomb family is ready for a wild adventure. The nature park has 38 miles of trails, zip lines, barge rides on the lake and even animal habitats, including one for a pack of wolves. The wolves don’t feel like howling for the ranger, but when the Holcombs try a family howl, the wolves respond with gusto.

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Feeding goats at the Museum of Appalachia in TN
Museum of Appalachia TN banjo player
Walking the ponies at the Museum of Applachia
Museum of Appalachia is a living history museum
Barn dancing at the Museum of Appalachia
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Museum of Appalachia

The Holcombs head to the Museum of Appalachia to explore the grounds. Seeing the 250,000 relics, hearing the context for how they were used, and wandering the more than 30 log structures, including cabins, barns, a chapel and a schoolhouse, brings the history of Southern Appalachia to life.

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Family hiking in Tennessee
Warrior's Path State Park in Tennessee
Stop 4 of 4

Warriors’ Path State Park

The Airstream pulls into Warriors’ Path State Park and the Holcombs start setting up camp for the night. Drew carefully builds a fire as everyone gets settled down. He’s thinking about all the memories they’ve collected, like the bits and pieces for the campfire. As the fire blazes to life, he and Ellie finish their song. And just like the miracle of fire sparking to life, it’s pure magic.

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Episode 5: Coming Home

In the fifth episode, the Holcomb family is heading back home to Nashville. On the road, they found a reminder of what’s most important to them — family, home and the moments that make it all feel so special. As they drive the last stretch of the trip, Drew and Ellie are ready to perform the song they wrote about it together.

The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville
Ryman Auditorium stage in Nashville TN
Drew and Ellie singing on the stage at the Ryman Auditorium
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Ryman Auditorium

When the Holcombs pull into Nashville, they’re coming home. And they’re bringing every memory they gathered on their 1,600-mile trek through Tennessee. They’ve woven all the mornings at the campsite, all the sunlit afternoons, all the evenings by the campfire into a song about the state they love. And when they sing it together, their voices rising from the stage of the hallowed Ryman Auditorium to the rafters, it feels like home.

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The Encore: "Hey Rivers"

In this encore episode, singer-songwriters Drew and Ellie Holcomb perform one of the songs they wrote on their epic road trip across Tennessee. While travelling the state they love with their family, they found inspiration to write songs together. One of them, called “Hey Rivers,” is about their youngest son, 2-year-old Rivers — he keeps them on their toes, never walks when he could run and is named for all the rivers in Tennessee.

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