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Otters, the Ocoee, and the Expansive Scenic Beauty of Chattanooga

Sunsets, the wild rapids of the Ocoee River and some friendly otters. Check out Josh Ness', of @nashvilleexplorersclub, Chattanooga adventure.

Chattanooga was my very first place to visit when I started Nashville Explorers Club, so it will always be something special to me. With each visit, I find new hikes and adventures that lead somewhere beautiful, and I also go to a couple places that never get old, like the Tennessee Aquarium

We headed out of Nashville early enough on Friday afternoon to watch the sunset on Edward's Point. The hike up to Edward's Point was about five miles roundtrip and opened up to an amazing overlook on the Tennessee River. We spent some time taking in the views and chatting with a group of campers before heading back.

The next morning we woke up early and headed out to Ocoee, Tennessee to hop on the Ocoee River. Our friends at Cherokee Rafting led us on one of the most exhilarating adventures I've taken as we spent five hours laughing and rowing through rapid after rapid.

We chose to do the full Ocoee, which stopped on a great part of the Upper, where we ate lunch while watching other rafts make their way through.

The sun nearly wiped us out for the evening, but we summoned enough strength to check out the local distillery, Chattanooga Whiskey.

We took a quick tour before partaking in a few samples... and then a few more.

We topped the night off with a couple more drinks at the Flying Squirrel Bar before calling it quits and heading back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

After sleeping in, and a quick brunch at The Blue Plate, we made our way to the Tennessee Aquarium to visit all our favorite sea creatures.

We wanted to say a quick ‘hi'to the otters, which are fairly difficult to take photos of because they really don't stop moving.

Luckily my next favorite exhibit, the jellyfish, makes for some great photos, and a great way to end our trip in Chattanooga.

On the way out of town, we decided to check out the views from Raccoon Mountain, and took a few photos before trekking back to Nashville.

There are still plenty of trails that I need to hike, and adventures that need to be taken!

Have an idea of where we should go on our next adventure? Comment below or send us a message on our Instagram page, @nashvilleexplorersclub!

It's exploring season, so get out and discover Tennessee's treasures yourself!

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