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The Peach Truck Hits the Road Across Tennessee

Savor a ripened peach, juice dribbling down your chin for a refreshing taste of summer.

When Jessica and Stephen Rose decided to fill an old truck bed full of peaches and cart them up to Nashville to sell from the parking lot at a 12South boutique, they had no clue that five years later, that would not only be their livelihood but that they'd also be one of the most sought-after—not to mention, successful—food businesses in Tennessee.

*All photography included: Credit: Collin Fatke

The couple, who live in East Nashville with their toddler Florence and twins on the way, ultimately wanted everyone to get to experience what Georgia does: juicy, perfectly ripened peaches, straight off the tree. So they devised a way to fulfill that dream by partnering with the peach farm in Stephen's hometown, Pearson Farm, to share the love with others in Middle Tennessee.

That first year, excitement built and Stephen thought the concept might have enough potential to merit the couple both quitting their jobs to invest fully in the new gig. The next year, 2013, they made good on that promise and went into the peach business full time with a few friends helping out on the side. The grassroots effort has now blossomed into a full 13 weeks of peachy goodness each May through August with two full-time employees in addition to the Roses and 50 seasonal workers who help out with logistics, in the warehouse, and slinging peaches at the various stands set up around Williamson and Davidson County daily throughout this time period.

But the Peach Truck's reach doesn't stop there; on top of the Farm to Porch program that allows customers to order shipments from all over the country and have them delivered directly to their doorstep, the Freestone Tour has launched and makes 126 stops—twice—over the course of the summer with a myriad of Tennessee communities including Manchester, Tullahoma, Germantown, Paris, Oak Ridge, Clarksville, Cleveland, Portland, Springfield, White House, Shelbyville, Hixson, Spring Hill, Columbia and many others.

Follow the Peach Truck's popular Instagram account for daily updates as to their whereabouts, and mark your calendar so you know about special events and when they're heading to your city. And if you don't know what to do with that full crate of peaches you just purchased, consult The Peach Truck Kitchen, a free database of recipes, for a number of inventive ways to use everyone's favorite summer fruit in your cooking.