Interior Plant for Instant Decor
Mar 26

Interior Plant for Instant Decor

The Barn Nursery

Chattanooga, TN

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Embellish your home with unique and interesting interior plants. Select them to hang from the ceiling, on your walls, in glass, and in every room of your home. Learn about air-purifying plants and how they can help improve the air in your home. It's a basis #101 class on how to select plants for certain areas (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, porch), fertilizers, and how to take care of them. Most of them are "no-digging required". We just love to select pretty decorative planters/containers for them. It's "instant decor" for you and yours! Troy and Sandy, will guide you through this adventure. It's fun and free on Sunday, March 26 at 3-4pm
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Interior Plant for Instant Decor

1801 east 24th street place exit 181
Chattanooga, TN 37407

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