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Apr 28
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Sweet Tea & Sunshine Family Festival & Craft Fair

Cleveland, TN

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A family-friendly festival of all ages to enjoy! Customers will pay just $5 and enjoy samples of various Sweet Teas (fruit teas accepted) and vote for their favorite Sweet Tea! 

1st Place Sweet Tea wins: $1,500

2nd Place Sweet Tea wins: $1,000

3rd Place Sweet Tea wins: $500


- If you are a food vendor at the event, your food truck/stand will be set up on one side of the parking lot and on the other side of the parking lot will be the competition.

 - Customers will pay $5 and receive a ballot to sample the sweet tea from all of the competitors. When they come to sample your sweet tea, use a hole punch to punch your competitor number on their ballot (ex: if you are competitor #4, you will hole punch the #4 on the ballot). Then the customers will cast their ballot into the container of the competitor whose tea they like the best after they have sampled all of the tea.

 - The numbered containers will correlate with your competitor number you will write on the bottom of the sample cups. Whichever container has the most ballots casted in it, wins!!

 - All sweet teas are required to be HOMEMADE!!!! The competition will be held on Saturday AND Sunday.

 - The recommended sample cup to use for the sweet tea samples can be purchased on Amazon, Dixie 2 oz. Portion Cups (Souffle Cups/Jello Shot Cups), Case of 1200. Due to this being the first year of the sweet tea competition, I am not sure how many cups will be needed. We had 6,500 people attend the festival last year and that was without the sweet tea competition. 


 $100 Craft Vendor ONLY!/ $50 Sweet Tea Competitor ONLY! / $200 Food Vendor (non- Sweet Tea Competitor) / $250 Food Vendor (Sweet Tea Competitor) FOOD VENDORS MUST PROVIDE INSURANCE & PAY THE $30 PERMIT FEE!! 


We are accepting 150+ total vendors: direct sales, craft vendors, business vendors and food vendors! 

Located at the Greenway Park & Pavilion 755 Raider Dr N.W. Cleveland, TN 37312


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Sweet Tea & Sunshine Family Festival & Craft Fair

755 Raider Drive
Cleveland, TN 37312

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