Map of Haunted Hospital Overnight Ghost Hunt
Dec 08
Dec 10

Haunted Hospital Overnight Ghost Hunt

South Pittsburg, TN

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Ghost Hunt Weekends, the World's Most Recognized Name in Paranormal Events is proud to 
announce our partnership with the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee to bring you 
overnight ghost hunts at this sinister location.

This event includes overnight "indoor style camping", light snacks and drinks, fully guided tours 
of the Hospital, ghost hunting training by the Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew and a full night of 
ghost hunting!

Doors Opening on their own, Shadow Figures, Phantom Children, Disembodied Voices & 
Screams, Cold Spots and Poltergeist Activity have plagued this building since it was built. 
Opened in 1959 as a Community Hospital, it was forced to close it's doors in 1998. This building 
and land has been scarred by tragedy and misfortune, starting with the deaths of several 
children that died in a Plantation fire that once rested at this location. Combine that with the 
thousands of natural and unnatural deaths and accidents. This location also sits on top of solid 
limestone and an underground spring.

This will be an event not to be missed, if you are new to ghost hunting, just curious, looking for 
a thrilling night or an avid ghost hunter, you will be well cared for by the Ghost Hunt Weekends 

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Haunted Hospital Overnight Ghost Hunt

1100 Holly Avenue
South Pittsburg, TN 37380

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