Powell River Kayak and Canoe Regatta
Apr 20

Powell River Kayak and Canoe Regatta

Claiborne County Tourism

Tazewell, TN

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The Powell River Kayak and Canoe Regatta is a 12 mile race on the scenic, Class 1 Powell River in Claiborne County, Tennessee.

The Powell River Regatta is a function of the Claiborne County Chamber of Commerce. Net proceeds from the Regatta will be used exclusively for the Powell River Blueway project, an effort to improve public access onto the 114 miles of the Powell River for paddling and fishing in the beautiful Cumberland Mountains of northeast Tennessee.

The Powell River is a Class 1 (easy) paddling river originating in SW Virginia. It is one of the two largest free-flowing (un-dammed) rivers in Tennessee and "one of the most biologically diverse rivers in the US" according to the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS). The Powell River (together with the Clinch River) support more Federally Endangered species of fish and freshwater mussels than any other river in the US. A few of these species are found nowhere else in the world. 

Since the river has no upstream dams, flows are entirely dependent on precipitation in the upstream watershed. In the nine years we have been at Well Being Retreat Center, we have seen flows as low as 300 cubic feet per second and as high as 30,000 cubic feet per second (cfs). For the last three Regattas, flows have varied from 450 cfs to 2,400 cfs. Last year was a little high; the year before was a little low, so, on average, this year should be just right!

The Powell has a nice mix of slack water in deeper holes, swift water and the occassional ledge to navigate.


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Powell River Kayak and Canoe Regatta

557 Narrows Road
Tazewell, TN 37879

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Admission Rates
Entry fees will be $35 per single kayak, racing kayak or single SUP entry and $55 per boat for canoe and double kayak entries. Entry Fees for all entries in the Recreational Class are $35. All participants will receive a free Regatta T-Shirt

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