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Tennessee Military Branch Museum

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Military Branch of Tennessee State Museum

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The Military Museum, a branch of the Tennessee State Museum, is located in the War Memorial Building.  Exhibits deal with America’s overseas conflicts, beginning with the Spanish-American War in 1898 and ending with Vietnam War.

The exhibits look at the beginnings of each war, major battles, and the outcomes. Included is a deck gun from the U.S.S. Nashville, which fired the first shot of the Spanish-American War. The exhibit on World War I, features weaponry, personal military equipment and other materials affirming Tennessee's involvement in “the war to end all wars.”

Tennessee’s most famous soldier, Alvin C. York, is highlighted in a display including his uniform and decorations. Exhibits on World War II show propaganda posters, uniforms, a soldier’s belongings, weaponry, and General Dwight Eisenhower’s jacket. On the plaza area, outside the museum, are memorials to Tennessee soldiers who died in World War I, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

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Military Branch of Tennessee State Museum

War Memorial Building
301 6th Ave North
Nashville, TN 37243

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