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Prichard's Distillery Still at Fontanel

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Prichard's Distillery at Fontanel

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Next to music, Nashville is best known for its handcrafted, world-famous spirits – and Fontanel is one of the few remaining places to preserve this tradition.

In spring 2014, Prichard’s Distillery, known for making the best whiskey and rum in the area, opened a second distillery at the Fontanel estate and is now one of the property’s best attractions. Complete with a gift shop and package store, guests at Fontanel may tour the distillery and taste the finest handcrafted rums and Tennessee whiskey in America.

Its current owner, Phil Prichard, a descendant of Grandaddy Benjamin Prichard of Davidson County, has restored a lost art form that has been handed down for five generations. At the tour, guests will find that the distillery continues to apply the small-batch style operation to preserve the rich Prichard tradition.

The distillery uses a new French-style copper still, called an “Alembic” still, which produces exceptional batches of spirits. From the copper pots, the spirits are then stored in charred white oak barrels, which produces the authentic taste that the distillery is known for.

All of Prichard’s unique spirits are expressly handcrafted, and most of the variants have been awarded gold medals and have garnered high ratings in national competitions. Most notably, Prichard’s rums have all won awards worldwide; renowned experts have praised these for their exceptional quality. Prichard’s Lincoln County Lightning is named in Southern Living’s list of the Best Legal Moonshine.

While visiting the distillery, feel welcome to sample from the exceptional line of handcrafted and traditionally authentic products. The highly rated, gold medal Double Barreled Bourbon will remind you of bourbon made over a hundred and fifty years ago.

The traditional New England-style rums and Tennessee Malt Whiskey are exceptional. Truly, a visit to the distillery is like taking a step back in time. Everything from the copper still, tubs, utensils, décor, down to the techniques are made to recreate the time when Grandaddy Benjamin made his first whiskey in 1822.

Tour, shop, and experience a unique tasting experience at Prichard’s Distillery at Fontanel. You can call us to book a tour, or just visit us from Monday thru Sunday at 4105 Whites Creek Pike.

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Prichard's Distillery at Fontanel tasting room location
Welcome to Prichard's Distillery at Fontanel
Prichard's Distillery at Fontanel

4105 Whites Creek Pike
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