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Unicoi County, Tennessee is a backdrop for good living. Some people who live in Unicoi County chose to return home after time away; we’ve built businesses, raised families and have enjoyed keeping up with friends over the years. Yet, some of us only recently stumbled on this hidden gem. We have every amenity you need for modern living (including gigabit fiber) as well as a state park. Join us!

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Discover Unicoi County

Discover Unicoi County

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Unicoi County Memorial Hospital

Unicoi County Memorial Hospital

Appalachian Trail in Carter County

Appalachian Trail in Carter County

Downtown Erwin

Downtown Erwin

“After a full career in the U.S. Navy, having lived in both Hawaii and California, Unicoi County has become home. I can hike throughout our mountains or along the Appalachian Trail, participate in outdoor sports, relax in the garden we began on our small farm, or golf with a small group of friends, and only be minutes away from everything that we might need in a growing metro region. We are home and happy to be here in the green, cool Appalachian Mountains.”

U.S. Navy Sailor, Retired

Examples of Living in Unicoi County

Unicoi County offers excellent transportation access, providing metropolitan amenities only minutes away in a region of 509,000 people. Tri-Cities Regional Airport serves the region with direct flights all day and evening to Atlanta and Charlotte for connecting national and international flight service. Residents of Unicoi often remark that they are living in the middle of breathtaking mountain views every day—all within minutes of metropolitan amenities and outstanding healthcare. 


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2,117 Square Feet