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Sky Is Clear
Hi: 79°
Low: 73°
Humidity: 30%
Wind: N 1mph
Sunrise: 6:50AM
Sunset: 8:17PM
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Forecast Results for Knoxville, TN
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Sky Is Clear
Hi: 79°
Low: 63°
Light Rain
Hi: 72°
Low: 56°
Sky Is Clear
Hi: 78°
Low: 52°
Sky Is Clear
Hi: 84°
Low: 53°
Moderate Rain
Hi: 72°
Low: 65°
Moderate Rain
Hi: 68°
Low: 63°
Heavy Intensity Rain
Hi: 71°
Low: 57°
Light Rain
Hi: 71°
Low: 54°
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Weather Across the Year

Spring: A Tennessee spring is impossibly bright, beautiful and green, but weather is unpredictable. Dress in layers for comfort as cool mornings warm to hot afternoons; prepare for wind and rain.

Summer: Count on a sunny, hot, humid summer. Highs average 89°F (31.7°C) but can easily soar into the 90s or even above 100, with lows of 67°F (19.4°C). Bring rain gear, as Tennessee gets almost 50 inches of rain per year.

Fall: Fall is fabulous in Tennessee, dry with bright, sunny skies and average highs in the high 60s and low 70s. Bring layers for nighttime temps in the 40s or for travels in the cooler mountains and plateaus.

Winter: Tennessee's winters are mild but cold and wet. Snow is most common at higher elevations; it is rare in valleys and usually melts quickly. Dress in warm layers, as temperatures can unexpectedly rise.

What to Bring & Wear

Tennessee is famous for its natural beauty, so the first thing on your packing list should be a camera for capturing wildlife, beautiful landscapes or even a celebrity sighting. Comfortable walking shoes are always a must. Many hotels have an indoor pool, so bring a bathing suit.

Most times of the year, you'll need a light jacket and rain gear. Don't overlook warm clothing if you are traveling during the winter months.

If you're traveling in warmer weather, be sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, bug spray and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Pack lightweight, natural fabrics, like cotton and linen, or high-tech cooling fabrics to stay comfortable during strenuous activity.

Traveling in Middle Tennessee? Download the Discover Tennessee Trails and Byways apps for Williamson County (Old Tennessee Trail, Nashville's Trace, the Jack Trail) to use on your iPhone or iPad.