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Linda Lange

Hi! I’m Linda Lange. As a travel writer living in Knoxville, I fully appreciate barbecue, bluegrass and Dollywood. My story began in the Tennessee Valley, and I’ve traveled the backroads of East Tennessee for as long as I can remember. Whether I’m rafting the Hiwassee, visiting historic towns or enjoying performances at Knoxville’s historic Tennessee Theatre, I love exploring our beautiful state. The best part for me is meeting the people and letting them tell their stories. Let’s tell the tale of East Tennessee together. Describe your perfect Tennessee day. Most likely my perfect Tennessee day would be in the springtime, when the dogwood and redbud trees are in bloom, and wildflowers sprinkle the riverbanks with soft violets and pinks. On these blue-sky days, I like to take my canoe and drift down the rivers, my favorites being the Clinch, Pigeon, Hiwassee and Caney Fork. Often, early morning mist cloaks the waterways, and my only companions are the great blue herons. Where’s the first place you’d take a friend visiting Tennessee? Chattanooga squeezes a lot of attractions into its downtown.The Tennessee Aquarium and the Hunter Museum of American Art are premier attractions for people of all ages and interests. However, downtown is so much more than historic landmarks, neon-lit restaurants and the IMAX 3D theater. The Tennessee River gives people a sense of place. They can bike the winding Tennessee Riverpark, a greenway stretching for miles, or relax aboard the River Gorge Explorer. They can wander through Bluff View Arts District or stroll across the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge to Coolidge Park. These little adventures give visitors glimpses into this wonderfully diverse, walkable and lovable city. If you could meet one historical Tennessean, who would it be and why? (This can be someone still living.) I’d like to spend an afternoon with Dolly Parton and ask her how she comes up with those great quips like “Keep buyin’ my records. It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!” She doesn’t take herself too seriously and always seems to know what’s important in life. Her Imagination Library sends books to almost 700,000 children every month. What a great thing to do! I could learn a lot from her and I’d sure have a lot of fun just hanging out with her.

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