Just downstream from the Heartland Park launching ramp on the western shore is a bridge that routes bikers and hikers to the mouth of the Stone River, along the Cumberland River and loops back to the trail that runs on the eastern side of the river.

Fishing the Lower Stones River and Greenway Trekking

The Stones River Greenway is just the ticket if you want to enjoy seeing wildflowers and lots of slender great blue herons stalking the shallows along one of Middle Tennessee’s scenic rivers while you burn some calories on foot, in a canoe or on a bike – and relax at the same time.

There are several access points for pedestrians and bicyclists from the western side of the J. Percy Priest Lake Dam along the 10-foot wide multi-use paved trail network as it extends nine miles along the Stones River. Raised walkways and pedestrian bridges link segments as it makes its way to meet the Cumberland River east of downtown Nashville.

About halfway between the dam and the mouth of the Stones River is a long bridge giving pedestrians and bikers clear views of the river and wildlife.

The initial three-mile trek from the dam ends at Lebanon Road. About half way to Lebanon Road a one-mile spur to the left leads to a trailhead at the Donelson/Hermitage YMCA. Continuing downstream, another trailhead joins the greenway at the Kohl’s/Target shopping center in Hermitage.

But my trip starts downstream at the trailhead at Heartland Park off McGavock Pike on the west bank of the Stones River less than a mile from where it joins the Cumberland.

On a warm, partly cloudy afternoon, I dug some grubs and worms out of my compost pile, loaded gear into my johnboat and headed to the newest Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency launching ramp at Heartland Park.

Just downstream from the Heartland Park launching ramp on the western shore is a bridge that routes bikers and hikers to the mouth of the Stone River, along the Cumberland River and loops back to the trail that runs on the eastern side of the river.

A gravel parking lot leads to the trailhead but I was using the short concrete ramp to launch my Old Man Boat. The river was down about four feet from my previous fishing trip in late winter when the white bass were running. If you like catching trout, TWRA stocks the lower Stones with rainbows and browns each winter.

While the low water level prevented me from going more than a couple of miles up the Stones, I still caught fish – lots of bream and a few tiny catfish. Some of the bream were hand-sized with several shellcrackers that were even larger. The active bream seemed to be in shallow water. They were either not present or inactive in deeper water toward the mouth.

The water level was falling slowly as the afternoon progressed and I drifted back downstream on gentle breezes. I spotted schools of tantalizing one-to-two-pound bass lazily holding near the surface. Unfortunately none showed any interest in dining on anything I had to offer. But I filed away the location for a return trip when we’ve had some rain and there is more flow.

Great blue herons and kingfishers were in abundance and seemed hardly bothered by passing joggers, cyclists or the jumbo jets taking off from Nashville International Airport about five miles south as the crow flies.

I saw several anglers fishing from the banks while carefully avoiding omnipresent patches of poison ivy. Moms with babies in strollers, lucky dogs on leashes, birdwatchers, couples out for some fresh air and cyclists warning others sharing the greenway that they were “passing on the left” all seemed to be enjoying the day – and the Stones River Greenway.

If you’re looking for a fishing hole, email me.

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    Hi im visting my gandfather in Tennessee and he tells me of all the stories about him fishing the stone river. Is there any places that we can walk yo the river and fish.


    Brian garrett

    I fish in a wheelchair. I appreciate any suggestions


    Raymond Overstreet

    Hello. I grew up in Bethpage TN fishing Bledsoe creek. I now fish from a kayak and want to find new waters to explore. I work in Lavergne Tn and see great looking places on the stones and back waters of JPP. I just can’t find access to get my 80lbs kayak to them. Any suggestions?



    Where are wheelchair accessible fishing spots, for catfish mainly?



    Hi Vern,

    I’m actually in the same situation as Garrett from the above comment. I moved to Tn at the end of last summer and looking for some good holes on the Percy Priest and also in Long Hunter State Park, as well as surrounding rivers. I wade and fly fish but I’m partial to fishing moving waters. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks, Liz



    I live right off of broad st in murfreesboro I’m looking for a spot to take my dad and just throw out the line a few times.I’d like to find a place with little traffic as possible.



    I like to fly fish. I noticed on google maps that there is an access point to a shallow looking bank on Stones River just North of 40 and the dam. The access point can be reached by parking on Jobe Creek Cove off of Stewarts Ferry Pkwy. Do you know if this is a good place to fly fish? Do you know if I am allowed to park there and fish from that location? Thank you.



    I live in College Grove and my stepson wants to take my husband fishing for father’s day Sunday. I am tasked with finding the place to go. My stepson doesn’t fish, he will just be swimming and playing in the water and my husband will be fishing, not at the same time, but preferable in the same area. Any suggestions of areas that wouldn’t be too far of a hike? Thanks so much!



    Hi, I’m planning a trip to the Nashville, middle TN area and am looking for some good rivers to do some kayak fishing for bass. Any tips on good places to check out?


    ed white

    Looking for places to fish near downtown Nashville.
    Visiting for the weekend,staying downtown. Any good spots from shore on the Cumberland?

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