The pool at the base of Great Falls is a popular swimming hole, even during low water levels
27 Jul 2012

Rock on at Rock Island State Park

Fishing, hiking, swimming, canoeing/kayaking, camping and sight-seeing rank high at Rock Island State Park on the Cumberland Plateau. The Caney Fork Gorge and its waterfalls...

Riding horses at Big South Fork.jpg
19 Apr 2012

Big times in the Big South Fork

Let’s do Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area by the numbers. The Big South Fork spans 125,000 acres of the Cumberland Plateau in...

hit the rapids
18 Jun 2012

Tubing Tennessee

It’s not really summer in East Tennessee until the tubing starts at the Little River. Around Memorial Day, the stretch of the river just downstream...

ades cove0263
28 Feb 2012

The Beauty of Cades Cove

If you ask East Tennesseans to name their favorite place, most likely they will say Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Any time...

Lucero lead singer Ben Nichols turns to the Memphis Symphony Orchestra during their Opus One collaboration. At one point in the night, Nichols shared with the audience, "I had no idea how this was going to turn out, but I had so much fun." And yes, the man can rock just as well wearing a button-up shirt as he can in a t-shirt and camo hat.
12 May 2012

3 ways to rock in Memphis

It’s hard to untangle music and history in Memphis. That’s a good thing. For me, the city’s rhythmic roots make the live music experience richer...

Hoskins Drug Store Interior
5 Apr 2012

Favorite Small-Town Soda Fountains

In small-town Tennessee, the meeting place is often a lunch counter and soda fountain. They are authentic, seeped in history down to the handcrafted booths...

beartracegolfcourse1, cumberland mtn. state park, crossville, provided by state parks
3 May 2012

Tee it up in Tennessee

It might surprise golfers to learn the Cumberland Plateau was once considered a vast wasteland. The plateau, which starts about 50 miles west of Knoxville,...

Waterfalls are formed as the Duck and Little Duck Rivers drop 100 feet as they descend from the Highland Rim Plateau to the level of the Nashville Basin on the way through the park.
11 Jul 2012

Old Stone Fort’s Enigma

On a natural plateau where the Duck and Little Duck Rivers converge, travel back through time as you explore an ancient enigma known as Old...

13 Aug 2013

Horseback Riding in the Big South Fork

Fentress County claims the title “Trail Riding Capital of the Southeast” and offers excellent equestrian trails and facilities to ensure this title isn’t an empty...

River crossing - BSF
28 Feb 2012

Trail Riding the Big South Fork

The horses plunge single file down the steep, dry creek bed, hooves sliding on smooth sandstone boulders, instinctively picking out the surest path. I stand in...

15 Jul 2012

Antique Hunting in Tennessee

Sometimes road trips don’t go the way you plan, but that opens the door for an unexpected adventure. I went to Etowah to look into...

4 Dec 2012

See Christmas on Stage in East Tennessee

“Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing…..Ring ting tingle-ling too….” The sounds of the season sweep through East Tennessee in a flourish of stage shows, musical...

28 Feb 2012

Fishing for Adventure

I’ve counted my blessings daily for the last quarter century. Not just because I’ve experienced many terrific fishing trips but because I fulfilled my dreams...

26 Jul 2012

Stampeding to Pigeon Forge

Prancing horses, glittery costumes, slapstick humor and pig races make Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede more than “dinner and a show.” Trick riders and horses gallop...

Swing copy
31 Aug 2012

Much to Do at Mousetail Landing

Rocking lazily in my anchored john boat waiting for an equally lazy catfish to sniff out my nightcrawler from among the rocks at the mouth...

7 May 2014


Full disclosure: I get to do cool stuff for my job every now and then – take a private tour; conduct an exclusive interview…that sort...

Farewell Drifters KARANSIMPSON-AF2013-0078
12 Sep 2014

Nashville is all Americana

The summer is over but that doesn’t mean music festivals stop in Nashville. Au contraire, the next one is the Americana Music Festival Sept. 16-21...

Starry Nights 2012-30
21 Nov 2014

Experience Memphis holiday magic

Any trip to Memphis is special, but a visit during the holidays is even more magical. Across the city during December, you’ll find parades, holiday-themed...