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Carroll Cabin Barrens State Natural Area

Smith Gravel Pit Rd.
, TN 00000

This 200-acre oak-hickory forest has open glades dominated by native grasses with several rare plant communities; itÂ’'s an excellent example of a rich and diverse ecosystem featuring Tennessee limestone glades or “barrens.” Start a 2-mile hike through this lush forest at the parking area.

Carroll Cabin Barrens is in the Western Valley of the Tennessee River, recognized by some experts as a separate physiographic region with a unique flora. There are several state rare plants found at Carroll Cabin that give an interesting western affinity to the flora. Rare plant species found at Carroll Cabin Barrens include the state threatened barrens silky aster (Aster pratensis), hairy fimbristylis (Fimbristylis puberula), and slender blazing star (Liatris cylindracea), and state special concern blue sage (Salvia azurea var. grandiflora).

The Silurian limestone outcroppings in the Western Valley are considered some of the most extensive in the un-glaciated United States. This glade/barrens complex is classified as a Western Valley Limestone Hill Barren community and is considered a globally imperiled community.

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