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Doc Collier Moonshine Distillery

At our distillery, we only use fresh English Mountain Spring water to make our whisky and moonshine! Join us on the slower, easy going side of Gatlinburg at Traffic Light #3 on the Parkway for a tasting.
519 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

 Over 120 years ago Doc Collier was making moonshine on English Mountain in the Smokies, using some of the freshest mountain water around. Continuing this tradition we still truck in water directly from the source of his first batch, to cut our shine to the right proof.  We learned a long time ago you shouldn’t mess with a good thing!

 Our family has never been about fads. Great-Great Grandpa William ‘Doc’ Collier traveled these mountains on horseback delivering his moonshine before moonshine was even a word. This at a time when an honest man knew he could find a stiff drink in our neck of the woods. Enjoy what many fine Appalachians already know and stop by our distillery the next time you visit Gatlinburg!

Our selection now includes unaged Corn Whiskey, our Original Moonshine Recipie , Blackberry, Peach, Firecracker, Sweat Tea and Apple Pie Moonshine Flavors.  We also have moonshine cherries and a limited bottling of Blueberry Brandy!

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