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Emerson E. Parks Covered Bridge

Park Plaza
Trimble, TN 38259
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Of Tennessee's four historic covered bridges, the Parks Covered Bridge is the only one in the western portion of the state. The Parks Covered Bridge is in south central Obion County, approximately 20 miles from Union City. In 1997, due to erosion at the original site that had endangered the historic bridge, the community salvaged as much material as possible and rebuilt the bridge in a city park, Parks Plaza, in nearby Trimble.

According to Mr. Hamilton Parks of Trimble, his grandfather Emerson E. Parks built this bridge in about 1904. The Parks or Trimble Covered Bridge, originally spanned a drainage ditch dividing two fields on Parks' farm. Although the bridge's primary purpose was agricultural, local traffic used it until 1928, when the highway department built a state route with a modern bridge nearby. The bridge remained on the Trimble farm until its relocation in 1997.

The bridge originally contained a 28-foot Kingpost truss and two approach spans. Tin covered the diagonal lateral bracing that was extended outward from the center of the truss. Weatherboarding covered the 10-foot high bridge, which had an open area at the eaves for light and ventilation. A gable roof initially covered the bridge, but a tornado destroyed the original roof in 1914. After the tornado, Mr. Parks replaced the gable roof with a flat shed roof. The Parks Covered Bridge is the only known Kingpost truss covered bridge in the state.

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