Montgomery County Shooting Complex | Tennessee Vacation

Montgomery County Shooting Complex

4201 Southside Road
Southside, TN 37171
(931) 387-3456

Facility Features

* Pistol range (28 stations out to 25 yards)
* Short rifle range (42 stations out to 100 yards)
* Long rifle range (10 stations out to 400 yards)
* Trap stations (10 stations)
* American Skeet Range (2 stations)
* International Trap Range (only public one in the state)
* International Skeet Range
* Wobble Clay Ranges
* 5 stand field
* Make-a-break-field
* Roving Archery Range (targets at unknown distances)
* Field Archery Range (known distances from 10 to 80 yards)
* Youth Archery Range (draw weight 30 lbs. or less)
* Indoor Archery Range
* 3-D Archery Range

Coming Soon & Future Plans

* 4 additional American skeet ranges
* Wildlife interpretive trail
* Hunter Education Banquet Facility (400 seats)
Helpful Tips

* Targets provided with permit purchased
* Golf carts available on 400 yard rifle range use
* Ammo and extra shooting supplies available in Pro Shop
* Gun and optics rentals available in Pro Shop
* Gun Carry permit classes and shooting classes available

Steve Shelton (food, drink and some supplies available)

Hours of Business
Friday, Saturday—10:00 a.m. until sunset (but no later than 8 p.m.)
Sunday—1:00 p.m. to sunset (but no later than 8:00 p.m.)

Fees (permits must be purchased at the complex)

* 15 and under: $1.50 for two-hour permit
* 15 and under annual permit: $25.00
* Adults: $5.50 for two-hour permit
* Adults annual permit: $101.00
* American Trap and Skeet: $4.00 per round
* Wobble: $4.00 per round
* International Trap and Skeet: $6.00 per round

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