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Range USA, Inc.

2770 Whitten Road
Memphis, TN 38133
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Range USA, Inc. is one of the most state-of-the-art indoor shooting/retail facilities in the country. The 20,000 square foot facility houses two completely different shooting ranges and it is our pledge to always have one of the two sides open for the public to shoot on. Even though we may have classes or competitions in progress, we will always have public lanes open and we are open to the public! The two ranges are computer controlled and can be sent down range individually in one foot increments. The smaller side has 9 positions and is 50 feet long. The larger side has 14 positions and is 82 feet long. They both have excellent ventilation systems, lighting, and heating and air-conditioning! Range USA provides the community a safe, friendly, clean, and convenient place to shoot. Range USA makes shooting possible regardless of the weather, season, or time of day.

In addition to providing a climate controlled shooting facility, Range USA also provides the community a wide variety of classes that will educate customers in all area of firearms and firearm safety – with everything from an Introduction to Handguns class through advanced tactical pistol courses and the very popular Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class.

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