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Things to do in Smith County

 Some folks ask the question, “What is there to do around here?” On occasion I get asked this question from a visitor. My answer is we have a great “Quality of Life” here in our region and Smith County Tennessee is a wonderful place to live, work and play. We live in an area that has many types of recreation and educational opportunities.

For example:

 Water Recreation ”“ The CANEY FORK RIVER is located in Smith County and is one of the nation’s premier trout fishing streams. Located in the Southeast end of Smith County, it has been known for its picturesque beauty but still yet exciting fishing spot. The cold clear water that flows from the Center Hill Reservoir down the Caney Fork provides the perfect environment for producing an unparalleled fishing experience. Equally one can kayak or canoe the river and experience the beauty of the vegetation in the form of old growth trees and forests, Century farmland, and wildlife of an extensive variety.

CORDELL HULL LAKE, located in Smith County, is also known for great fishing and currently holds the state record for striped Rock fish. With plenty of local fish varieties, Cordell Hull Lake is truly an angler’s paradise. Located within the reservoir are 2 local marinas with slips to dock your craft or simply rent one for the day. Restaurants are on site at both marinas as well as fishing supplies. The Bear Wallow Gap Hiking trail and the Bear Wheels Bike trails are located next to one of the best known campgrounds in the state, Defeated Creek Campground. The welcome center is located at the dam and has trail guides plus displays of the local area.

 There are many more "undiscovered" creeks and "fishing holes" that we haven't listed in Smith County.

 All types of boating and skiing are also found at Cordell Hull Lake.

 History abounds in Smith County. From the pioneer days to the Civil War era to the 20th Century we have a rich historic heritage to explore. We have yearly festivals that take place several times during the year at the Historic Smith County Courthouse, Historic Granville Tennessee and other places in the county and region.

 We also have a deep association with music and you can experience all of this at the Defeated Creek Bluegrass Festival, William Walton days, and the Civil War Heritage Ball just to name a few.

 I have only scratched the surface on the exciting and various experiences one can have in beautiful Smith County Tennessee.

 For more details on how to "Experience Smith County", call us at the Smith County Chamber of Commerce at 615-735-2093 or visit

- by Billy Woodard, Executive Director Smith County Chamber of Commerce.

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