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Walker Branch Natural Area

Walker Branch is a 225-acre natural area located just miles south of Savannah in Hardin County. The property was purchased with wetland acquisition funds by TWRA who cooperatively manages the site with the Natural Areas Program. It is located in the West Tennessee Uplands, a subunit of the Coastal Plain Physiographic Province. The preserve straddles the immediate floodplain of the Tennessee River with its steep hills rising abruptly 225 feet and forming the adjacent uplands. Seeps occur along the lower and mid slopes and drain into the many small spring feed sand and gravel bottomed creeks at the base of the hills. These seep-fed creeks flow in and out of the marshes and swamp forests. The upland seeps provide significant breeding habitat for dragonflies and damselflies. An astonishing 37 species of these taxa have been identified at Walker Branch. State rare and endangered plant species protected at this preserve include the lake-bank sedge and lamance iris. There is a vast diversity of sedges, rushes, and ferns in this wet, lush natural area.

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