Mountains & Vistas

Treat yourself to a different perspective. See the world from the top of one of Tennessee’s soaring peaks.

When you feel more “down to earth,” visit one of Tennessee’s many beautiful arches or rock windows, where nature has sculpted some of Tennessee’s most beautiful works of art.


With 13 peaks stretching more than 6,000 feet into the Tennessee sky, and 25 mountains reaching more than a mile above the horizon, Tennessee is your destination from which to gain a different perspective. Hike to the top of the state’s highest point, Clingman’s Dome, and gaze out at seven states at once, or trek to Tennessee’s most remote location, Tricorner Knob.

Whether perched on a towering Tennessee formation, hiking underneath magnificent Twin Arches, or driving along Highway 133 through Backbone Rock, Tennessee has the rock, peak or vista to inspire you.


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