Waterfalls & Grottos

From the quiet trickle of a mountain stream to the low roar of sparkling cascades, Tennessee is painted with picturesque waterfalls. Discover your favorite.

From the more popular, easily accessible falls, to the remote, impressive cataracts that reward a strenuous hike, visitors cannot help but fall in love with Tennessees plethora of picturesque waterfalls and grottos.


Visit Fall Creek Falls, the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi, or hike into the Smokies and feel the mist of beautiful Abrams Falls. Watch water pour over rock outcroppings at the impressive Ramsey Cascades, or visit Cane Creek Falls and see water plummet more than 125 feet into Cane Creek Gorge.

Visit some of the better-known falls, or set out to discover some of the lesser known. Either way, it will be a trip well worthy of a camera.


Pick From Our Must-See Spots

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