The Bar-B-Q Shop

Address: 1782 Madison Avenue Memphis, TN 38104 Contact Email: info@bbqshopmemphis.com Phone: (901) 272-1277

A local favorite restaurant, The Bar-B-Q Shop has time-tested, perfect barbecue, excellent service and attentive owners. If you cannot make it to Memphis, you can order the award-winning barbecue sauces, seasonings and dry rubs from the Dancing Pig's website.

The unique taste of The Bar-B-Q Shop's gourmet, award-winning sauces has always been something that has set The Bar-B-Q Shop off from other barbecue restaurants. The recipes for our gourmet sauces have been around for over fifty years. The Original (mild) Sauce provides a thickness that can be used to baste, marinade or provide flavoring for your meat of choice. Our Hot Sauce also provides the same level of thickness, but with a little warmth behind it. Our Hot Sauce does an excellent job of providing your meat with a hot flavor without taking away from the barbecue, smoky flavor itself. The Bar-B-Q Shop's Dry Seasoning was created later by Frank Vernon in the mid 80s. Our Dry Seasoning is an extraordinary seasoning because it can be used to season anything from chicken breasts, hamburger steaks, salmon of filet catfish, to even a beef roast. The seasoning can be used with a marinade while prepping your food item, or it can be applied when your food comes out of the oven.

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