Homegrown & Organic

Local shops, farms and farmers markets are the best sources for Tennessee’s authentic, local, organic and naturally grown foods, including fresh produce, dairy and fresh local breads.

Locally grown, fresh-picked vegetables and fruits in breezy open-air farmers markets whet the appetite for becoming a locavore. Organic produce, artisan crafts, baked delights, herbs and local honey take center stage at KnoxvilleMarket Square Farmers Market and Chattanooga Market  Find music, fun, food and a flea market at Nashville Farmers Market. Tennessee tomatoes, string beans, peaches, blackberries, squash and more are yours for the taking. 

Find big brown eggs laid by free-range hens, local raw honey, artisan cheeses, healthy pet foods and more, produced by supporters of sustainable agriculture, small-scale farmers. Enjoy one-of-a-kind, artisan food produced the slow way as you relish organic and homegrown in Tennessee.

Downtown Memphis Felicia Suzannes keeps it organic, serving delectable goat and feta cheese from Bonnie Blue Farm and ham from Bentons Smoky Mountain Country Ham & BaconBlackberry Farm in Walland loves Pritchards Distillery rum, a dark rum with deep caramel notes, to give chararacter to its Tennessee Rum Hard Sauce. The rum also makes a mouth-pleasing finish over fresh-churned ice cream from Mayfields, or pick up some rich-flavored Clumpies Ice Cream after youve finished shopping on Frazier Avenue in Chattanooga.


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