Wildlife Refuges & Fish Hatcheries

Wake up early and start out before sunrise. All is quiet, and the day is fresh. Watch as nature unfolds in the protected and conservation areas across the state.

Hoping to see an eagle, elk, white-tailed deer or black bear? In Tennessee, you’ll find a large, rich diversity of waterfowl, aquatic life and land-roaming wildlife.

Explore the over 25,000 acres at the Chickasaw National Wildlife Refuge and the over 250,000 waterfowl that visit here. Spot the four species of rainbow fish hatch at Erwin National Fish Hatchery. Roam among bottomland hardwoods, oak and hickory forests, open waters, freshwater marshes, agricultural land, idyllic refuges and wilderness areas to observe and appreciate Tennessee’s creatures great and small. 

Pick From Our Must-See Spots

Colditz Cove State Natural Area Colditz Cove State Natural AreaAllardt Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge Reelfoot National Wildlife RefugeUnion City Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge Seven Islands Wildlife RefugeKnoxville Foster Falls Small Wild Area Foster Falls Small Wild AreaSequatchie Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery Dale Hollow National Fish HatcheryCelina Erwin National Fish Hatchery Erwin National Fish HatcheryErwin Lucius Burch Natural Area Lucius Burch Natural Area Chickasaw National Wildlife Refuge Chickasaw National Wildlife RefugeRipley Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge Hiwassee Wildlife RefugeBirchwood
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