Tennessee Safari Park with Zebra and vehicles in background

Travel the World in Northwest Tennessee

No need for international travel. Tennessee has safaris, French art and even the Eiffel Tower.

Upon planning summer vacation in West Tennessee, one might sense a trend: Why financially and logistically stress over creating worldly experiences when the discoveries exist right in Northwest Tennessee? Whether an African safari tour in the heart of Alamo or an Eiffel Tower picnic in Paris, you can get a glimpse of global travel here in Tennessee's natural stomping grounds.


(Photo: Safari Park)

Drive three miles of Hillcrest farm roads to witness a showcase of rare and endangered animals from all over the world: exotic birds, primates, and giraffes among others. The rural farm park boasts one of the largest collections of zoo animals in the state, along with a "Safari Grill" and gift shop. Tennessee's Safari Park attraction is perfect for the family (and the camera).


Home of one of Tennessee most stunning town squares, the revitalized infrastructure and playful architecture offer tourists a well-rounded shopping, restaurant and even quaint coffee shop experience. Nearby, a replica of the Eiffel Tower in honor of the town's namesake can be found. Who needs to hop across the pond to Europe when you can snap a family photograph in a beautiful (and free) Tennessee park?


Trenton, Tennessee's City Hall shares more than city business—the town center showcases the "splendor" of millions of dollars' worth of teapots. The rare antique finds, properly entitled "Veilleuses-theieres" Night Light teapots, represent a 500-piece collection gift. Rather than landing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the 19th-century French antique display was gifted to this Tennessee small town. The priceless prize of Trenton is available for daily view and annual celebration (at the Teapot Festival each May).