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Visit These Local Bakeries in Tennessee

Check out these Tennessee bakeries for tasty treats that’ll warm your heart and feed your soul.

There’s something about visiting a bakery that feeds the soul. The inviting aromas, the welcoming bakers, the quaint environment all a delightful reminder to slow down and savor every bite of life. Check out these Tennessee bakeries for sweet treats.

East Tennessee Bakeries 

Dutch Maid Bakery & Cafe - Tracy City

Visit one of the oldest bakeries in Tennessee.
Photo Credit: @canwithaplan and @ellie_vates

Take a step back in time with a visit to Dutch Maid Bakery & Cafe, the oldest family-owned bakery in Tennessee. This registered historic landmark originally opened in 1902 and is truly a slice of Americana. The quaint antique atmosphere and welcoming staff will make you feel right at home for a delicious, homemade snack. While it’s also a great spot for breakfast or lunch, the baked goods are what made Dutch Maid famous in Tracy City. The original family recipes from the early 1900s are still used today, and every loaf of bread is hand-rolled. Be sure to try the salt-rise bread, moonshine cakes or the cinnamon pull-apart loaf, three popular treats at this gem.

Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company - Knoxville

You may have tried moonshine, but have you ever had moonshine cookies? If not, you’re in for a treat. Head over to Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company in Knoxville for interesting flavors and recipes featuring a splash of genuine Tennessee moonshine. The unique recipe was first created 30 years ago by owners Robin and Mike Maddux. The cookies were an instant hit, and a few years later Robin and Mike opened the Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company with their friend Rick Dunlap. Today, the bakery offers several different cookie options, all handcrafted in small batches. Don’t miss the original moonshine cookie flavor, Happy Pappy, which pairs apple pie flavored moonshine with oats and white chocolate. While the moonshine makes for a unique Tennessee treat, if you’re not into spirits, don’t worry. The bakery also offers moonshine-free cookie options.

Cashew - Chattanooga

For vegan or gluten-free food that doesn’t sacrifice deliciousness, check out Cashew in Chattanooga. This restaurant is a great option for vegan and gluten-free desserts as well as healthy lunches you’ll feel good about. From carrot cake to flourless black bean avocado brownies and gluten-free donuts, Cashew is a unique experience you won’t want to miss, even if you’re not vegan. If you’re heading in for lunch, don’t miss the mac and cheese, but save room for dessert as the cakes are mind-blowingly good.

Petite Sweets - Johnson City

Have a chic sweet treat in Johnson City.
Photo Credit: @petitesweetsjc

Miniature cupcakes have become popular in recent years, and when you stop by Petite Sweets in Johnson City, you’ll understand why. This adorable bakery offers beautifully decorated fun-size cupcakes in a wide range of flavors from chocolate to banana cream pie to lemon blueberry. As if that wasn’t tempting enough, it also has brownies, cookies, chocolate-dipped strawberries, cake stacks, cheesecake … the list goes on. Whatever you decide to try, be sure to add an order or two of the fan-favorite truffles. Because the shop bakes up a variety of goodies every day, make sure to call ahead if you’re craving something special.

Sugar High - Kingsport

Bite into a gourmet candy apple.
Photo Credit: Sugar High

You've never had a candied apple like this before. At Sugar High in Kingsport, there are loads of candied apple combinations. Choose from the classic caramel apple covered in peanuts or be adventurous and try the white chocolate caramel apple covered in Fruity Pebbles, a dark chocolate caramel apple with white chocolate or the Roads Less Rocky - a dark chocolate caramel apple covered in peanuts and tiny marshmallows. Candy clouds, macarons, large rice crispy treats and chocolate covered strawberries are also on the menu.

Middle Tennessee Bakeries

Christie Cookie Co. - Nashville

If you’ve ever tried cookies from the Doubletree Hotel, you’re probably already a fan of Christie Cookie Co. in Nashville without even knowing it. This Germantown bakery created the recipe for those cookies, and it has been a Nashville staple ever since. Step inside one of its two Music City locations and you’ll instantly understand why: The aroma of rich chocolate and real butter baking into delicious mouthwatering treats is nearly impossible to resist. The bakery offers 14 cookie flavors from chocolate chip to cranapple oatmeal. If you can’t decide which to order, you can always get the triple chocolate brownie. Or go ahead and try both. And because no fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie would be complete without a glass a milk, Christie also offers milk and coffee to compliment your baked goods.

Looking Glass Restaurant and Bakery - Clarksville

Looking Glass combines European and Southern-style baking.
Photo Credit: @thelookingglass

The Looking Glass Restaurant and Bakery in Clarksville, originally founded as a coffee shop and art gallery, is an eclectic full-service restaurant that combines European and Southern-style cooking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, the bakery offers decadent cakes, cookies, and other pastries, all made from scratch and baked fresh daily by the in-house pastry chef. Red velvet cakes, specialty creme brulee and chocolate chip cookies are just a few of the treats you’ll find here to satisfy your sweet tooth. While you’re waiting for your food (or trying to decide what to order), take some time and enjoy the artwork around the restaurant. Be sure to check out the koi pond on the patio — it’s a great spot to relax while you enjoy the bakery’s well-known cannolis.

West Tennessee Bakeries

Muddy’s Bake Shop - Memphis

Muddy’s is a Memphis hotspot for locals and tourists alike.
Photo Credit: @muddysbakeshop

If you’re looking for a cupcake that’ll make you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven, Muddy’s Bake Shop in Memphis is for you. Famous for soft, moist cake with melt-in-your-mouth frosting that’s just the right amount of sweet, these cupcakes are a must-try while you’re in Memphis. But that’s not all Muddy’s has to offer. Part bakery, part coffeeshop and study space, the adorable décor, delicious baked goods, and friendly staff of this charming café means Muddy’s has quickly become a Memphis hotspot for locals and tourists alike. While it’s certainly famous for cupcakes, don’t miss out on the bakery’s delicious pies, cookies and bars while you’re visiting. If you’re looking for something special, call ahead for the daily menu, but you really can’t go wrong with a cup of coffee and  the Prozac cupcake, a delectable chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream frosting.

Woodstock Bake Shop - Jackson

Get a cupcake or cake ball at this small town bakery spreading peace and love.
Photo Credit: @holly_williams71 and @ourjacksonhome

Founded with the goal to create a small-town bakery that spreads peace and love through delicious food, Woodstock Bake Shop in Jackson takes its inspiration from the famous Woodstock festival of 1969. Decorated in vintage furniture, posters, and a wall of more than 20,000 signatures from customers, this fun spot is a must-stop while in Jackson. The bakery is known for its mouthwatering cheesecakes, cake balls and homemade bread. You can even take advantage of the $5 lunch specials that include a sandwich, choice of cupcake and a drink. Stop in for a bite and some friendly conversation about the magic of music from the ’60s and ’70s. It’s a great choice for a delicious dessert and even lunch while taking a break from sightseeing the city.

Each of these Tennessee bakeries has an extensive list of sweets to keep you coming back for seconds. So stop in for a taste and savor every bite, because these treats can’t be found just anywhere. And when you’re ready for your next meal, here are even more flavors that can only be made in Tennessee.

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